Unlimited Data and File Retention

Unlimited Data and File Retention in the Cloud

Cloud backup offers many benefits to overworked IT admins, including storage that easily grows with an organization’s data footprint. However, depending on the backup solution you choose, increasing data in the cloud can come at a high cost that may not fit your budget. Constantly monitoring and adjusting cloud storage eats up all the time you were supposed to save with cloud backup. This is especially true when backing up applications with constantly changing amounts of data, such as Office 365 which grows as rapidly as your company.

Backup in the cloud doesn’t have to break the bank or kill your productivity. Spanning Backup for Office 365 delivers unlimited retention in the cloud for one low price per user. It’s part of our über easy solution for protecting Office 365. No installation, no configuration changes when users are added, and no fussing with storage. Just automatic, hands-off backup and simple recovery when data is lost.