FLEXspend for Unitrends


As data moves to the cloud, ensure your on-prem backup spend doesn't go to waste — even on your backup hardware. FLEXspend protects your investment and helps you move that spend to where your data needs it most.

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Protect Your IT Investments With FLEXspend for Unitrends

The secret to thriving in a constantly evolving IT landscape and volatile market conditions is seamless adaptability and readily embracing change. FLEXspend for Unitrends gives you the agility and flexibility to thrive in a rapidly changing IT environment by allowing you to convert licensing from one backup module to another without breaking a sweat.

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Safeguard Your Mission-Critical Data No Matter Where It Lives

Data protection is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. All data must be protected, regardless of where it lives — whether on-premises, cloud infrastructure or SaaS applications. The FLEXspend for Unitrends program allows you to flexibly reassign an existing backup contract to another solution within the Unitrends Unified Backup suite to protect any type of workload and data — including on-premises, remote, distributed and cloud servers, as well as cloud data stored in SaaS applications like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Salesforce.

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Adapt to the Needs of Your Organization Without Hurting IT Budget

Are you planning to move on-premises servers to the cloud or vice versa? Is your organization replacing PCs with Macs? No matter what your data protection requirements are, we’ve got you covered. With FLEXspend for Unitrends, you can now easily reassign your backup investment to a different Unitrends technology, even during the committed service contract, to meet your organization's data protection needs. Additionally, your IT team can safely migrate production data and build retention on the new backup technology. FLEXspend provides you with a transition period during which both data protection technologies are available simultaneously without any extra charges.

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Gain Peace of Mind Knowing Your Investments Are Predictable and Safe

FLEXspend for Unitrends is a unique program that allows you to adapt seamlessly to data protection needs while ensuring predictable returns on your investments in Unitrends backup and business continuity solutions. Our flexible licensing models allow you to plan and predict data backup and protection budgets without being locked into the underlying infrastructure or platform.

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Future-proof your IT investments with FLEXspend for Unitrends

Get the most out of your IT investments while delivering on ever-changing business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

FLEXspend future-proofs your IT investments. For instance, you have an on-premises server protected with a Unitrends Recovery Series backup appliance under a committed term; however, your leadership wants to migrate the workload to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft, like any other cloud vendor, does not automatically back up cloud VMs, but with FLEXspend for Unitrends, you can easily switch on-premises backup to Unitrends Backup for Microsoft Azure.

No. FLEXspend for Unitrends automatically safeguards your current and new Unitrends backup purchases. If your data protection needs change and you want to explore another solution, contact your Account Manager.

All current and future Unitrends backup products are included in the program. Recovery Series appliances, Unitrends Backup software, Unitrends Backup for Microsoft Azure, Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs, Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery, and Unitrends backup solutions for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Salesforce are all covered.

Yes. There is a 60-day transition period included with FLEXspend to allow time for IT to safely migrate production data and build backup retention on the new solution. Both backup products will be active and available during this period at no additional charge. After the 60-day period, the original product licenses will be discontinued, and the payment attribution will switch over to the new module.

It’s easy. Contact your Account Manager for the next steps.