Unitrends backup and restore software makes data protection simple.

You want to provide the best protection for your data center but you need your backup and restore software solution to be simple and affordable too. After all, budgets and resources are constrained and there are a multitude of other strategic IT priorities to manage. Not to mention that traditional enterprise backup and restore software is complex and expensive, while niche solutions expect you to modify the data center to implement their software.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) is a simple but powerful backup and restore software solution that is agile and adaptable – it works with your existing capital infrastructure. Designed from the ground up with the flexibility to meet any corporate backup and restore requirement, UEB provides backup and recovery for systems of any size – from the remote office to the largest enterprise data center.

Backup and restore software for any environment.

Unitrends backup and restore software uses a common D2D backup and recovery engine to protect more than 100 operating systems, hypervisors and applications. UEB also works with most any server, storage, NAS or SAN device. You can rely on a single solution to backup data from your entire environment.

Unitrends backup and restore software offers protection of physical as well as virtual assets. Deep protection features allow you to protect the virtual infrastructure at both the hypervisor level and within individual virtual machines. Offering protection at the operating system and application level, Unitrends solutions enable you to reduce backup size, improve deduplication, and enjoy granular control over RPOs and RTOs.

Benefits of our backup and restore software.

As a virtual backup appliance, Unitrends backup and restore software provides a rich set of enterprise features for the IT administrator.

For example, Unitrends backup and restore software provides a single pane of glass for monitoring and managing backup/recovery at multiple locations, eliminating the need for IT resources in multiple sites.

World-class customer support provides a single point of contact to eliminate finger-pointing by multiple vendors when you need help.

UEB enables you to:

  • Replicate backup data to the cloud for extra protection.
  • Recover your critical system in less than 5 minutes with instant recovery for failover virtualization.
  • Reduce backup windows and improve network bandwidth efficiency by performing backups using an incremental forever backup strategy
  • Provide recovery assurance for vSphere and Hyper-V backups.
  • Improve deduplication without expensive dedicated hardware.
  • Transform physical systems into virtual machines in a single click.
  • Perform bare metal backup and restore.
  • Scale up and out as needed.