Replace Symantec Backup Exec with Unitrends.

Say goodbye to the product issues and poor support you’re getting from Symantec Backup Exec and take a look at the backup and recovery capabilities offered by Unitrends.

Unitrends backup and recovery solutions provide superior end-to-end data protection. As the number one replacement for Backup Exec, we provide strong heterogeneous protection of both physical and virtual environments – not just for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, but for Unix, Novell and other operating systems that Backup Exec does not support. Our integrated user interface enables simple, single server per job scheduling and our commitment to customer service has made our customer support team the best in the industry.

Advantages of Unitrends over Backup Exec

Unitrends backup products surpass Symantec Backup Exec in several areas. We offer:

    • Simple pricing. With a capacity-based pricing structure, you’ll find no hidden fees in our no-limits appliance licensing and flexible UEB software licensing models.
    • The lowest total cost of ownership. Our family of all-in-one appliances enable our customers to choose the most cost-effective technology for their needs. More choice. We offer 12 different physical

backup appliance

    models that support backups of 1TB to 97TB of raw storage.

  • Instant Recovery. Our products offer physical on- and off-host plus Unitrends Enterprise Backup 7.3 on/off on replication target as well.
  • Unlimited Integrated Cloud. Unitrends solutions provide storage and replication to both private and Unitrends Public Cloud.
  • Integrated archiving. Rely on rotational or fixed archive to disk, tape, NAS, SAN.

Comparing Unitrends to Backup Exec 2012

Backup Exec once had the largest market share in the data backup and recovery space but its dominance has been eroding fast – because of suppliers like Unitrends.

First Backup Exec features a licensing model that can be expensive for businesses expansion, as charges accrue on a per-feature, per-client, and per-operating system basis. Unitrends in contrast has a simple pricing structure to enable businesses to grow quickly without running into hidden fees or exorbitant expense.

Second Backup Exec requires IT teams to build, manage and monitor servers, networks, operating systems, storage and data protection software, resulting in a higher TCO. This non-integrated structure leads to a lot of finger-pointing among software vendors when a problem with Backup Exec occurs. Unitrends provides a highly integrated backup system with a low TCO.

Third Backup Exec offers limited heterogeneous support to Windows, Linux and Mac; Unitrends provides support for these and many other operating systems.

Last Backup Exec customer support has been noted to have issues. Unitrends committed customer support team leads the industry with a 98% customer satisfaction rating. SyntaxError