Backup/recovery software that fits your data center.

When you want backup/recovery software to protect your data center, in the past the choice has been a difficult one. Many enterprise-class backup and restore software solutions are expensive and complex, taking too much of time and IT resources to deploy, monitor and manage. Some niche backup/recovery software vendors expect you to make changes to your data center in order to enable their software to work. Neither approach provides the flexibility, simplicity or affordability required from your backup/recovery solution.

Enter Unitrends. Our enterprise backup/recovery software, Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB), is designed to match any corporate backup and recovery requirement plus it adapts to any IT infrastructure, scaling easily as your enterprise grows.

Backup/recovery software for any data center.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup simplifies backup and recovery employing a single solution to protect the entire enterprise IT infrastructure. Unitrends backup/recovery software uses a common D2D backup and recovery engine to provide protection for 100+ operating systems, applications and hypervisors. Our solution also works with most server, storage, NAS or SAN devices.

Even easier, we provide a single pane of glass for monitoring and managing backup and recovery at multiple remote locations. This intuitive user interface enables a single IT administrator to implement our system backup software and handle backup and recovery at a variety of sites, minimizing the need for additional IT resources at those locations.

Plus when you need support, Unitrends committed customer service team provides a single point of contact for questions and issues with your backup/recovery software solution. A single point of contact means no more finger pointing between multiple vendors.

Features of Unitrends backup/recovery software.

Unitrends backup/recovery software provides extensive capabilities including:

  • Instant recovery with failover virtualization to recover a system in less than 5 minutes.
  • Flexible recovery strategies that include instant spin-up and instant granular recovery.
  • Hot and cold bare metal recovery to easily restore an entire system.
  • Recovery assurance within your vSphere and Hyper-V backups.
  • An optional add-on, ReliableDR, that provides instant recovery on Unitrends appliances and allows for pushbutton failover when you need to recover applications locally or across data centers.
  • Cloud backups to Unitrends cloud or third-party clouds.
  • Similar and dissimilar physical and virtual bare metal backups that allow you to perform physical to physical, virtual to physical, physical to virtual and virtual to virtual recovery.
  • Tools to convert physical windows systems into virtual machines in a single click.


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