Cloud backup services from Unitrends.

Vendors offering cloud backup services have made claims and promises about the power of their cloud based backup solutions. Yet frequently these cloud backup technologies don’t provide additional benefit over on-premise backup services. And some cloud backup services can compromise data backup and recovery because they do not take the limited WAN bandwidth you have for backup windows and for recovery into account. Plus these cloud backup services may not ensure SLA requirements for recovery of data, systems and infrastructure. Add concerns about security and vendor reliability, and it’s clear why many enterprises think twice about investing in cloud backup services.

Enter Unitrends. Our cloud backup solution, Unitrends Cloud, overcomes the limitations of other enterprise cloud backup solutions by combining the capabilities of the Recovery-Series Backup appliances and Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) products. Unitrends Cloud enables our cloud backup services and tools to provide granular archiving, instant recovery and recovery assurance for physical and virtual environments.

Backup services with three levels of cloud storage.

Whether you need off-site storage for disaster recovery or long-term retention for regulatory compliance requirements, Unitrends Cloud backup services provide flexible and affordable solutions. Specifically we provide multiple cloud options for storage retention to suit your needs including:

  • Forever Cloud – replicate on-premise backups to Unitrends highly available Cloud infrastructure. Data can remain for an infinite number of years to support business use and compliance requirements.
  • No Limits Cloud – provides storage for your on-premise Recovery-Series or Unitrends enterprise backup appliance. Our cloud storage dynamically scales to the capacity of your appliance and is available on a per gigabyte basis.
  • Metered Cloud backups – involves storage for a single copy of your most recent backup. It is a pay-as-you-go disaster recovery solution.

Additionally, Unitrends offers a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) as an add-on to enable spin-ups of VMware and Hyper-V environments as well as physical and Guest Operating System-level windows.

Benefits of Unitrends cloud backup services.

With Unitrends cloud backup services you can:

  • Employ available your network bandwidth more effectively using advanced WAN optimization with variable block source deduplication.
  • Reduce costs because you eliminate the need for a building; tradeoffs for this service include management cost of storage and the energy consumption of large server rooms.
  • Manage backup and recovery easily with integrated granular archive, monitored through a single-pane-of-glass interface.
  • Deploy cloud backup services immediately with replication and archive wizards.
  • Get assistance when you need it with our award-winning customer support team.

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