Backup XenServer with Unitrends solutions.

Protecting your XenServer platform is critical to your data protection efforts. Yet that doesn’t mean you should have to spend a great deal of time or money to backup XenServer machines as your organization has other IT requirements that are essential to competitiveness. An easy-to-use and cost-efficient XenServer backup solution will let you focus on strategic priorities. Today most XenServer backup solutions are costly to deploy and hard to manage, requiring more IT resources than you can afford to commit.

Enter Unitrends. Our backup and recovery technology lets you backup XenServer infrastructure quickly and easily which then enables you to realize significant savings in storage space, computing resources and IT staff time.

A faster and easier way to backup XenServer.

With Unitrends, you can backup XenServer in virtual environments at the hypervisor level with Unitrends Virtual Backup (UVB), a virtual appliance designed specifically to backup XenServer machines. UVB offers a simple and intuitive web-based user interface that novices will find easy to use. UVB gives power users the ability to scale as needed. And UVB is fast. You can install and configure UVB in minutes plus schedule and backup XenServer machines 5 times faster with 95% deduplication efficiency.

With UVB you can realize:

  • Reduced storage space and minimize computing resources as UVB uses 66% less storage space and 75% less computing resources than competing products.
  • Improved storage efficiency with global deduplication.
  • Monitored virtual backup health at a glance.
  • Minimized downtime with instant rollback recovery.
  • Integrated virtual backup with DR failover, failback and testing.
  • Assistance from our award-winning, committed customer support team that leads the industry with a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Backup XenServer with protection for applications and operating systems.

In addition to hypervisor-level protection, Unitrends also lets you protect applications and operating systems within one or more XenServer virtual machines using Unitrends Recovery-Series physical appliances and Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ (UEB) software backup solutions. Administrators can backup XenServer machines granularly and establish different Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for different machines. Granular control over the amount of data in each XenServer backup enables incremental backups that are 20 times faster, helps to reduce storage requirements and minimizes backup windows.

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