Improve your bare metal backup with Unitrends

Bare metal backup, also called bare metal restore, is a technique that speeds the process of data backup and recovery. When a server goes down, a bare metal backup quickly restores the operating system, applications and other software directly onto the “bare metal” of a newly provisioned server, even if that server is of a completely different type.

Bare metal backup and recovery solves the usual problems that occur when you quickly try to restore a protected physical system to a newly provisioned system. Normally you would have to install the operating system on the new server first and then install the applications one by one, digging up all the media, license keys and other information you need to finish the installation. The process can take days or even weeks to restore your original services.

Bare metal backup is much faster, but it requires a sophisticated backup and restore solution. That’s why so many enterprises seeking to implement bare metal recovery turn to Unitrends.

Unitrends’ bare metal backup and recovery solution

Unitrends Unified Bare Metal is a bare metal backup and recovery solution that unifies your bare metal backup with a master backup (or full backup) so that only one type of backup is needed. This approach provides significant advantages for Windows physical and GOS-level virtual systems. Unitrends bare metal backup solution provides:

  • Faster replication – up to 100% improvement in data replication thanks to enhanced deduplication characteristics of the unified bare metal/master backup type.
  • Better retention – as much as 100% more retention as a result of only one backup type being needed.
  • Faster RTO – without the need to restore the file-based backup after the bare metal restore, RTO may improve by as much as 100%.
  • Smaller backup windows – back up windows may be reduced by as much as 100% when the bare metal backup is scheduled to coincide with master backups.
  • Simpler management – an easy user interface for bare metal backup and restores simplifies the recovery process.
  • Universal bare metal restore – using a single ISO for all bare metal restores means that only one restore media must be created, reducing preparation time by 50% to 200%.
  • Support for different sized targets – a bare metal backup may restored to a different sized target.

Meta bare metal backup delivers unified computing

Unitrends also provides a patent pending meta–bare metal technology for unified architectures. This technology enables Cisco UCS administrators to back up their entire system, protecting all configuration and profile information including network, virtualization, storage and firmware settings that are unique to UCS.