Speedy recovery with bare metal recovery.

When you need to restore a protected physical system over to a newly provisioned system, bare metal recovery lets you complete the task with greater speed and lower Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Traditional methods to install an operating system, applications and other software on a new system are time consuming. If you have access to all the original media and license keys, each piece of software must be installed individually. By the time you’ve installed your newly provisioned system and restored the previous backup, days or weeks may have lapsed since you last had access to your original system.

In contrast, bare metal recovery lets you restore the entire system – including the operating system, applications and other software – onto the “bare metal” of a newly provisioned server, independent of whether the new server is similar to the originally protected server or of a different type.

Bare metal recovery with Unitrends.

Unitrends Unified Bare Metal Recovery is an easy-to-use bare metal recovery solution that unifies a bare metal backup with a master or full backup meaning only one type of backup is needed. Unitrends bare metal recovery tool enables you to:

  • Improve retention up to 100% – by requiring one backup type and employing enhanced deduplication characteristics of the new unified bare metal/master backup type.
  • Improve replication speed up to 100% – through enhanced deduplication.
  • Minimize backup windows – scheduling the bare metal backup with the master backup.
  • Deliver faster RTOs – eliminating the need to restore the bare metal and then restore the file-based backup.
  • Reduce bare metal recovery preparation time – using a single ISO for all bare metal restore operations.
  • Perform bare metal recovery with different sized sources and targets.
  • Simplify the system backup and restore process with a new and easy-to-use interface.

Bare metal recovery for unified computing.

Our patent-pending Meta–Bare Metal technology for unified architectures enables Cisco UCS administrators to back up their UCS system. This technology addresses configuration and profile information including the storage, network, virtualization firmware settings unique to UCS, as well as the hardware blade or rack mount server and its operating system and applications. Our technology enables a UCS administrator to work with a fully automated backup instead of having to manually perform UCS configuration backup every day.

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