Create your business continuity plan with Unitrends

An effective business continuity plan includes disaster/recovery strategies that enable your organization get back up and running as soon as possible after disaster strikes. Whether it is the failure of a server, the accidental deletion of business-critical files or the loss of a facility to flood or fire, your business continuity plan helps you get recovery plans in motion and your infrastructure back online – within your recovery time objective. With a well-designed business continuity plan, your IT team does not have to worry about managing the backup system or selecting the right backup hardware but rather focus their energies on other strategic challenges confronting the business today.

Unitrends can help. As a leading provider of solutions for backup and recovery to organizations around the world, Unitrends offers a free online service to help you create a comprehensive business continuity plan and disaster recovery strategy that enables you to rebound quickly should disaster strike.

Build a customized business continuity plan with BC/DR Link™.

Unitrends’ BC/DR Link™ is a free tool that guides you through the process of building a business continuity plan / disaster recovery plan (BCDR) using best practices. BC/DR Link also includes 1 GB of centralized storage for attaching checklists, floor plans, evacuation instructions, contacts and other details critical to your business continuity plan. In the event of a disaster, your team can access disaster recovery plans from remote locations or from mobile devices to execute your business continuity plan as a well-orchestrated team.

Unitrends’ free BC/DR Link service enables you to:

  • Incorporate best practices. Relying on step-by-step instructions, you build a business continuity plan to manage recovery from any type of disaster.
  • Keep everyone connected during a disaster using mobile devices to access business continuity plan checklists and instructions. This feature empowers your team to work in tandem to get the business back online ASAP.
  • Ensure your business continuity plan is up-to-date. Hosted in a central repository, the master version of checklists, evacuation plans and instructions that comprise your business continuity plan can be updated as your business changes or as best practices mandate revisions to your disaster recovery strategy.

Enhance your business continuity plan with Unitrends solutions.

Providing end-to-end protection for all physical, virtual and cloud assets, Unitrends offers comprehensive solutions for enterprise backup and recovery including software backup solutions, physical backup appliances, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions, replication software and tools for one-click physical to virtual (P2V) recovery.