Realize the potential of cloud backup services.

Cloud backup services are viable for most enterprises but a few questions should be posed before an organization entrusts business-critical data to an enterprise cloud backup. Will data stored in the cloud be secure? How will limitations in bandwidth affect the size of backup windows and the speed of recovery? Is the cloud backup services vendor reliable? And after deployment, will cloud backup services be a cost-saving solution or another drain on constrained IT resources?

Unitrends answers these questions with Unitrends Cloud backup services. Our cloud backup solution combines the turnkey security and granular archiving of our Recovery-Series Backup appliances with Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) backup software, with cloud capabilities to provide comprehensive cloud backup services.

Three types of cloud backup services

Unitrends Cloud backup services are offered as three types of services:

  • Forever Cloud backup services – Enables Recovery-Series and UEB users to keep on-premise backups on the Unitrends cloud for an infinite number of years, ensuring data is always available for compliance and business use.
  • No Limits Cloud backup services – Storage provisioning that dynamically scales to the capacity of your on-premise appliances, with storage for cloud backups available on a per gigabyte basis.
  • Metered Cloud backup services – The pay-as-you-go option offers cloud storage in 250 GB increments that enables enterprises to keep a single copy of the most recent backup in the highly available Unitrends cloud.

We also offer Unitrends DRaaS, the white-glove Disaster Recovery as a Service. This add-on provides a warm standby environment for business continuity and enables enterprises to avoid the costs of building and staffing an off-premise data protection site.

Features of Unitrends cloud backup services

Each Unitrends cloud backup service provides:

  • Simplified pricing based on the size of the on-premise appliance, helping to maximize budget dollars.
  • Advanced WAN Optimization (WO) with variable block source deduplication for highly effective use of available WAN bandwidth.
  • Integrated local archiving with replication for WAN optimization and granular protection.
  • An intuitive user interface presented on a single pane of glass for easier management and monitoring.
  • Configurable security options with AES-256 encryption capabilities for data in-flight and at-rest.
  • Quick deployment utilizing replication and archive wizards – the same ones used in the Unitrends UEB and Recovery-Series appliances.
  • Award-winning customer support with an industry-leading 98% customer satisfaction rating.

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