Enjoy cloud based backup with Unitrends.

Cloud based backup solutions hold promise for enterprise data protection but they come with challenges as well. While cloud backups represents efficient use of IT resources, cloud based backup raises questions of vendor reliability, security and concerns about recoverability after a disaster.

Unitrends Cloud addresses cloud based backup challenges offering a solution provisioned by one vendor for backup, disaster recovery and business continuity needs. Our enterprise cloud backup solution takes the functionality of its physical appliances and backup software solutions and then empowers it with cloud capabilities and multiple, adaptable cloud storage options. With Unitrends, you get off-site backup storage plus fast disaster recovery in a secure, automated and cost-effective cloud based backup solution.

Cloud based backup with multiple service levels

Unitrends cloud based backup solutions provide all the recovery assurance technologies that our appliances are recognized for including granular archiving, instant recovery and recovery assurance.

We offer three service levels for cloud based backup that include:

  • Forever Cloud service – allows users to copy on-premise backups to the highly available Unitrends cloud infrastructure. Backups may be kept for an infinite number of years, supporting long-term retention needs and compliance requirements.
  • No Limits Cloud service with cloud storage – dynamically scales to the capacity of your physical or virtual appliance.
  • Metered cloud service – keeps a single copy of the most recent backup for a pay-as-you-go disaster recovery option. Storage available in 250 GB increments.

Ensure business continuity with cloud based backup and DRaaS.

Unitrends Cloud backup services also include Unitrends DRaaS, a white-glove disaster recovery service that ensures data is always available. Unitrends DRaaS annual or monthly subscription service includes:

  • An on-premise appliance with data archiving configured to meet local backup, recovery and immediate retention needs as well as local archiving.
  • No Limits Cloud with second site replication.
  • Managed DRaaS white-glove service. Our experts help you recover your IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster.
  • 24/7 managed support. Our award-winning team is ready to help whenever a disaster occurs.

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