Improve data deduplication with Unitrends.

When the amount of enterprise data storage grows, data deduplication technology becomes increasingly important to IT departments as it ultimately impacts the IT disaster recovery plan. Data deduplication technology minimizes the amount of storage needed for backups, retaining only one unique instance of data in storage and replacing redundant data with a reference or pointer to the unique data. Because the data may appear in hundreds of instances over multiple backups, data deduplication dramatically reduces storage requirements and lowers costs. And by reducing the amount of data that is sent across a WAN for backup and disaster recovery, data deduplication can help speed enterprise data recovery as well, improving Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs

Unitrends Adaptive Deduplication™ is a data deduplication technology that produces better backup and data replication, especially when coupled with Unitrends flexible backup strategies.

Reduce storage with Unitrends data deduplication technology.

Unitrends provides all-in-one cloud-empowered protection solutions that allows our customers to focus on their business first – not backup and data disaster recovery. Our solutions provide end-to-end protection for all physical and virtual assets and adapt to fit any data center or environment.

And our Adaptive Deduplication software reduces storage space needed for backups. Unitrends data deduplication solution is based on both the context and content of the data that is backed up; our deduplication algorithms match to the type of data and hence this technology is adaptive. Unitrends uses a variable-based deduplication schema. Block size is as small as 8K and operating at the file-level as well as at the segment within the file-level. It operates at the block level also.

Benefits of Unitrends data deduplication solution.

With Unitrends data deduplication tools you can achieve:

  • Improved backup speed. Our landing zone architecture reduces the size of backup windows, enabling backups to land without deduplication-related processing. Data deduplication begins after the backup has landed to minimize the storage needed and maximize retention.
  • Accelerated archiving. Archives are integrated with our data deduplication technology to optimize the archive of the latest backup.
  • Faster restoration. Full system restores, instant restores and virtual transforms are integrated with our data deduplication solutions to optimize restore speeds while minimizing storage and maximizing retention.

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