Data protection requires superior data disaster recovery solutions.

Data disaster recovery should enable your business to recover quickly after disaster strikes. Be it hardware failure, the accidental deletion of files, an unexpected power outage or the loss of entire data center to fire, your data disaster recovery software and hardware solutions must get your data and IT infrastructure up and running quickly to avoid significant business losses.

Data disaster recovery with Unitrends.

Enter Unitrends. With the most flexible and comprehensive data disaster recovery capabilities in the industry, we provide solutions that enable you to meet specific and detailed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for your established Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

Unitrends data disaster recovery solutions are built on adaptive architecture designed to work with any data center. And rather than force you to alter your data protection software and hardware infrastructure, Unitrends data disaster recovery solutions adapt to work with your existing IT environment.

Data disaster recovery for virtual and physical environments.

Our data disaster recovery capabilities include:

  • Windows Instant Recovery. With this data disaster recovery technology, you can use your Unitrends physical backup appliance as the host to spin-up virtualized versions of physical Windows servers and clients as well as virtualized Windows servers and clients on any hypervisor. Windows Instant Recovery is also available with Unitrends virtual appliances, where the virtual machine essentially operates as a standby server and is continually updated during each backup.
  • VMware vSphere Instant Recovery and Microsoft Hyper-V Instant Recovery lets you spin-up anything from one virtual machine to the entire infrastructure of a site and to seamlessly migrate it back to your VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V host or hosts. This data disaster recovery technology is available for both our Recovery-Series purpose-built physical backup appliances as well as our Unitrends Enterprise Backup and Unitrends Virtual Backup purpose-built virtual backup appliances.
  • Unified Bare Metal Recovery. Bare metal restore speeds recovery, letting you restore the operating system, applications and other software to the ‘bare metal” of a newly provisioned server rather than installing each piece of software individually and sequentially. Utilizing bare metal backup part of the full or master backup process (rather than requiring separate master and bare metal backups), Unitrends Unified Bare Metal Recovery enables faster replication, smaller backup windows and faster RTOs.

We also provide white-glove disaster recovery services that offers the assistance of disaster recovery experts and a warm standby environment for your business, avoiding the need to build and staff your own off-premise data disaster recovery facility.

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