Replace Data Protection Manager with Unitrends.

Discouraged by the limitations and disadvantages of Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2012 (DPM)? Consider replacing it with backup and recovery software and hardware solutions from Unitrends.

Data Protection Manager, an integral part of Microsoft System Center 2012 Cloud & Datacenter, is an enterprise backup solution that enables you to backup data from an original (source) location to a secondary (target) location. If the original data cannot be accessed because of planned downtime, hardware failure or a disaster, Data Protection Manager allows data to be restored from the secondary location.

As a system backup solution, Data Protection Manager has significant limitations, however. These limitations include few bare metal restore capabilities, an inability to deduplicate across clients and lack of protection for heterogeneous IT environments. You can overcome these limitations with Unitrends backup and disaster recovery management solutions.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Data Protection Manager.

Microsoft Data Protection Manager falls short on features and cost. Its disadvantages include:

  • Data Protection Manager protects only homogenous Windows environments and cannot protect heterogeneous physical and virtual environments.
  • Data Protection Manager has limited capability for bare metal restore to dissimilar hardware.
  • Data Protection Manager does not deduplicate data across clients and requires more storage to protect environments that have significant numbers of workstations and servers.
  • Licensing fees for Data Protection Manager are assessed on a per-client, per-operating system basis making it costly for growing businesses.
  • Data Protection Manager tends to have a higher Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and lower Return on Investment (ROI) because you need to assemble, manage and monitor servers, networks, storage and data protection software.
  • As Data Protection Manager is an isolated solution, problems in the entire system inevitably lead to finger-pointing among various vendors.
  • Data Protection Manager does not support traditional archiving technologies.
  • The servers hosting Data Protection Manager software can be susceptible to malware attacks.

Comparing Unitrends to Data Protection Manager.

Unitrends backup and recovery technology surpasses Data Protection Manager addressing many if not all of the issues noted above.

  • Unitrends works with heterogeneous IT environments, providing protection for more than 220 versions of operating systems, applications and hypervisors, and most forms of storage.
  • Unitrends improves security by enabling enterprises to use servers and IT assets that are less susceptible to malware.
  • Unitrends Bare Metal recovery offers a one-pass dissimilar bare metal capability that performs both bare metal backup as well as granular file-level backup.
  • Adaptive byte-level deduplication provides deduplication across clients to reduce storage needs.
  • An integrated solution, Unitrends streamlines management and administration and offers a single point of responsibility when issues arise.
  • Unitrends supports traditional archiving.
  • Unitrends No Limits Licensing™ offers a pricing structure with no fees – per client, per agent, per operating system, per application – or for new releases.

Learn more about Unitrends physical and virtual backup appliance offerings, and ReliableDR™, a disaster recovery testing solution with automated failback and failover.