Simplify data replication.

Data replication is a critical part of data protection. Copying backup data from one backup system (or the source) to another location (or the target), data replication protects against the loss of backup data in the event of a disaster. Protection of the source system covers individual machines, folders and files, while protection of the target system covers client data and the entire source system.

Data replication is essential to protect against data loss – yet the management of data replication can be a time-consuming task. Unitrend’s data replication software protects – AND simplifies and automates much of the data replication process.

Data replication with Unitrends.

Unitrends provides award-winning business recovery solutions that work in any IT environment. Providing virtual, physical and cloud solutions for organizations around the world, Unitrends delivers end-to-end protection and instant recovery of virtual and physical assets. And Unitrend’s customer support team has achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 98% – an industry-best.

Unitrends provides data storage replication capabilities in its Recovery-Series physical appliances as well as its Enterprise Backup™ software solutions. Features of Unitrends replication software include:

  • Total data recovery from a site disaster.
  • Hot restore of backups from the target system directly.
  • Multiple source systems replicated to one target system.
  • Replicated data stored as regular backup on target system.
  • Older backups retained on target system.
  • Replication system used as a target for both replication and for legacy vaulting operations.
  • Block-level deduplication – and only changed blocks are transferred over the Internet.
  • Encrypted and secured connections between the source and target systems using the target’s encryption key.
  • Detailed dashboard illustrating active replication tasks, completed replication tasks and tasks in queue for replication.
  • A replication wizard (available in Unitrends releases 7.2 and higher) for quick and easy set-up.

How Unitrends secures data replication.

Unitrends data replication technology uses the UDP protocol to create a secure VPN tunnel. It makes data replication resilient to intermittent network failures via UDP knitting meaning if a network drop occurs during data replication, advanced checkpoint controls are used to proceed with replication at the time of failure.

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