Reduce storage with deduplication software from Unitrends.

For the enterprise confronted with explosive growth in data volumes and backup storage, deduplication software from Unitrends can help reduce storage requirements.

IDC estimates that the amount of enterprise storage will grow over the next 10 years 100 times faster than the rate at which enterprises can add IT staff to manage it. Therefore an effective backup and recovery plan utiliizing backup and restore software with superior deduplication is required.

Unitrends Adaptive Deduplication™ is a deduplication software solution that enables better backups and data replication. Our landing zone technology plus content and context-sensitive data deduplication technology means our deduplication software can enable IT teams to achieve faster backups, archives and restores while using less storage.

Features of Unitrends deduplication software.

Unitrends provides end-to-end protection of all physical and virtual assets with data protection solutions designed to adapt to any data center requirements. Our all-in-one, cloud-empowered solutions enable IT administrators to focus on strategic initiatives rather than backup and recovery. From server backup to Hyper-V replication to data replication software, we provide comprehensive data protection solutions for the enterprise.

Our Adaptive Deduplication software is designed to recognize the context and content of the data being backed up, adapting the deduplication algorithms based on the type of data. Our variable-based deduplication scheme has a block size as small as 8K and operates the file-level, at the segment within the file-level and at a block level.

Benefits of our deduplication software.

Unitrends’ deduplication software tools achieve:

  • Faster backups. Our deduplication software enables backups to be landed without deduplication-related processing, minimizing your backup window. Deduplication begins after the backup has landed, minimizing storage requirements and maximizing retention of the system.
  • Faster archives. Deduplicated backups must be rehydrated (or de-deduplicated) in order to be archived and restored. By integrating our archives with our Adaptive Deduplication software, we help optimize the archives of the latest backup and earlier backups as well.
  • Faster stores. Our deduplication software integrates full system restores, Unitrends Bridge instant restores and virtual transforms to optimize restore speeds while also minimizing storage and maximizing retention.

Our adaptive deduplication software is a feature of our Recovery-Series physical backup appliances and our Unitrends Enterprise Backup virtual backup appliances.

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