Disaster recovery solutions from Unitrends.

When disaster strikes, your disaster recovery technology must provide business continuity to enable recovery of your data and infrastructure as quickly as possible. Superior disaster recovery solutions enable you to meet specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for your Recovery Time Objectives (the maximum time it takes for disaster recovery) and Recovery Point Objectives (the maximum amount of data you can afford to lose).

As a leading provider of backup and disaster recovery solutions for organizations worldwide, Unitrends offers a broad range of disaster recovery software and hardware solutions that deliver the most flexible and comprehensive recovery capabilities in the industry.

Disaster recovery for physical and virtual environments.

Unitrends disaster recovery capabilities include:

  • Windows Instant Recovery, enabling you to use your Recovery-Series physical backup appliance as the host to spin-up virtualized versions of physical Windows servers and clients, as well as virtualized Windows servers and clients on any hypervisor.
  • VMware vSphere Instant Recovery, enabling you to spin-up anything from one virtual machine to the entire infrastructure of a site and migrate it back to your VMware vSphere host or hosts.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Instant Recovery, offering the same disaster recovery for your Microsoft Hyper-V host or hosts.
  • Unified Bare Metal Recovery, a technology that unifies the concept of bare metal restore with a full/master backup so that only one type of backup is needed, significantly reducing backup windows, speeding replication, and improving RTOs by as much as 100%.

Disaster recovery for multiple locations

Our disaster recovery solutions enable you to recover from the following locations:

  • Local Premise – disaster recovery from a local office via a Unitrends backup hardware or software appliance
  • Second Premise – disaster recovery from a remote office or second site using a hardware or software backup appliance
  • Unitrends Cloud – disaster recovery from the Unitrends Cloud. This solution offers all the capabilities of our Recovery-Series backup appliances and Unitrends Enterprise Backup products, including granular archiving, Windows physical and guest operating system (GOS) level instant recovery and recovery assurance via auditing, as well as virtual hypervisor instant recovery and recovery assurance via ReliableDR.
  • Service Provider Unitrends Cloud – Disaster recovery as a Service that provides a warm standby environment with disaster recovery experts to help you recover your IT infrastructure and data after a disaster.
  • Third-Party Storage Clouds – Disaster recovery to another cloud solution.

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