Reduce the cost of disaster recovery management.

Best practice disaster recovery management is critical to ensure the enterprise can operate without disruption or loss of business-critical data. Without solid disaster recovery management capabilities, the enterprise has no assurance that its backups are working or if the IT disaster recovery plan will recover systems and infrastructure within specific Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) after a disaster.

Disaster recovery testing, an important component of disaster recovery management, provides assurance that service level agreements and compliance requirements can be met. Yet because manual testing is a complicated and costly task, many enterprises fail to make it a priority.

Unitrends can help. Unitrends ReliableDR™ provides automated failback, failover and disaster recovery testing for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, to enable you to take the guesswork out disaster recovery management.

Disaster recovery management with Unitrends.

Unitrends ReliableDR works with the Unitrends backup appliance and/or a production SAN storage system to automate key recovery processes like failover and failback, and provide regular testing that is more cost-efficient than manual alternatives. The result is unmatched resiliency for your virtual infrastructure and the ability to completely align your IT organization and business continuity objectives.

With ReliableDR you can achieve the following:

  • Guaranteed enterprise recovery with 100% automated DR failover, failback and testing.
  • Measurement and certification that RPOs and RTOs will be achieved per application.
  • Orchestration and automation of application-specific testing to ensure that recovery metrics are measured across multi-tiered applications rather than single VM’s.
  • Enablement of non-disruptive, fully automated disaster recovery testing as often as you require.
  • Automatic creation of certified recovery points that match corporate recovery policies to ensure the requirements of regulations and service level agreements are met.
  • Guaranteed failover of virtualized applications and business services.
  • Quick detection and report compliance deviations with real time information gleaned from dashboards.

Features of Unitrends disaster recovery management solution.

Our disaster recovery management tool, ReliableDR, provides cost-effective, storage-agnostic replication and enables you to scale to large environments, conduct granular backup and recovery, use bandwidth through WAN-friendly data transfer, and enjoy security through government-grade encryption.

With automated, continuous, service-oriented disaster recovery testing, ReliableDR helps you to avoid the cost and complexity of manual test procedures and outdated disaster recovery management tools. ReliableDR also supports application-aware testing, providing accurate measurement of Recovery Time Actuals (RTAS) without time-consuming manual procedures or error-prone scripting.

And with flexible replication options and easy-to-use integration (Unitrends supports all major storage vendors), ReliableDR lets you maximize your investments in IT, simplify your configuration and minimize application RPOs.

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