Create a disaster recovery plan with Unitrends

A disaster recovery plan is intended to help your business recover quickly from a broad variety of disastrous events – from the inadvertent deletion of a file to the entire loss of a facility. Your data disaster recovery plan is a critical enabler for business initiatives and must be aligned with IT to provide executives and IT administrators with complete confidence that data will be available when it’s needed. A truly superior disaster recovery plan should enable IT professionals to stop worrying about data recovery and focus instead on more strategic matters.

Enter Unitrends. We offer a free disaster recovery planning tool along with the most flexible and comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities in the industry. Our adaptive disaster recovery solutions let IT create architectures tailored to the business instead of having to trade off production capabilities in order to achieve complete protection.

Customize your disaster recovery plan with Unitrends BC/DR Link™

Unitrends BC/DR Link is a free service tool for creating a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. With BC/DR Link, you can quickly and easily build and customize your disaster recovery plan to better respond to potential disasters and recover your systems faster and more effectively. This enterprise recovery tool provides users with step-by-step instructions for creating a robust disaster recovery plan and includes one gigabyte of recovery and business continuity documents such as evacuation plans and emergency contacts.

Unitrends BC/DR Link enables you to:

  • Rely on best practices as you develop a disaster recovery plan. This invaluable tool offers guides to help you through the process and includes options to attach instructions, checklists and floor plans.
  • Put people into action. BC/DR Link lets you connect the right people in the right way in the event of an outage or disaster. With a Unitrends disaster recovery plan you can remotely provide instructions to people so they can execute actions as a part of a well-coordinated team.
  • Use mobile checklists. Securely link your team to your disaster recovery plan via their smart phones or mobile devices.
  • Store you disaster recovery plans where your team can access them from anywhere in the event of a disaster

Build your disaster recovery plan with Unitrends DRaaS

For companies seeking to add storage and a white-glove recovery service to their disaster plan, we offer a hybrid cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) that leverages our proven ReliableDR™, Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ and Unitrends Bridge™ technologies. Start by simply deploying a Unitrends Recovery-Series physical appliance or Unitrend Enterprise Backup virtual appliance with Unitrend Cloud replication and DRaaS. Our Disaster Recovery Services eliminates the cost of off-premise locations, personnel and infrastructure and ensures that your business remains “Always On,” even in the midst of a disaster.