Protect your enterprise with flexible disaster recovery software.

Your enterprise relies on the speed and accuracy of your backup and disaster recovery capabilities – and Unitrends disaster recovery software can help you meet the challenge.

Designed to fulfill the requirements of any enterprise IT environment – from the smallest remote office to the most complex enterprise data center – Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) is a backup solution that protects both physical and virtual assets while offering disaster recovery capabilities. UEB provides point-in-time data recovery and restore of failed systems plus supports Unitrends Cloud and Disaster Recovery Services with application-level recovery assurance. And unlike traditional, complex and expensive enterprise backup and disaster recovery software, Unitrends’ cost-effective solutions make managing disaster recovery simple.

Disaster recovery software for any IT environment.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup software provides a disaster recovery software solution that can protect many combination of technology in your data center. UEB protects more than 100 operating systems, hypervisors and applications, as well as most servers, storage, SAN or NAS devices. With a single solution for data backup and disaster recovery services, you can more simplify backup and speed data recovery.

Unitrends disaster recovery software offers a user interface with a single pane of glass for managing backup processes and the disaster recovery plan. You can manage, schedule and monitor backups and initiate the disaster recovery of multiple remote offices from a single tool, eliminating the need for additional IT resources in those locations.

Features of Unitrends disaster recovery software.

Unitrends disaster recovery software provides comprehensive capabilities that include:

  • Instant recovery with failover virtualization for VMware and Hyper-V backups to enable system recovery in less than 5 minutes.
  • Flexible recovery strategies that include instant granular recovery, point-in-time data recovery, and instant spin-up recovery, and similar/dissimilar physical and virtual bare metal recovery.
  • Recovery assurance for vSphere and Hyper-V backups enabled by the integration between Unitrends physical and virtual appliances plus Unitrends ReliableDR, a disaster recovery software solution for automated disaster recovery testing.
  • Data replication to a secondary site, a public cloud or to the Unitrends cloud for improved disaster recovery.
  • Flexible recovery strategies that include incremental forever, as often as every 15 minutes, incremental forever with synthetics for VMware and Hyper-V, and fully customizable configurations of backup strategies that include full/full, full/differential, full/ incremental, and completely “create it yourself” strategies.

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