Enterprise backup software should make backup and recovery simple.

IT administrators have many complex tasks to solve, but enterprise backup software should not be one of them. And while backup and recovery is a critical, it doesn’t mean enterprise backup solutions need to consume a lot of time or resources.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup software (UEB) offers a simple and adaptable solution for backup and recovery requirements. Unlike traditional, more complex and expensive enterprise backup software, UEB is easy to implement, monitor and manage – without the steep learning curve of other solutions. And where many niche solutions work only if you make the necessary changes to your data center, Unitrends Enterprise Backup software offers maximum flexibility and adapts to any IT environment.

With enterprise functionality, a common engine and the ability to scale as your environment grows, Unitrends Enterprise Backup software allows IT administrators time to focus on more strategic priorities.

Enterprise backup software for comprehensive data protection.

Unitrends enterprise backup solutions provides protection for both physical and virtual environments, and offers heterogeneous protection for more than 100 operating systems, hypervisors and applications. UEB also addresses server, storage, NAS and SAN devices, significantly simplifying enterprise backup and recovery. With a single enterprise backup software solution covering all aspects of the data center, you can manage backup and recovery from a single pane of glass. And with all-in-one customer support, multi-vendor finger-pointing is a thing of the past.

Highlights of Unitrends Enterprise backup software include:

  • Cloud-empowered enterprise backup software that enables you to store backups offsite in the cloud for extra protection. Unitrends also supports enterprise cloud backup using third-party cloud backup storage like Google Cloud Storage.
  • Unitrends disaster recovery services to enable you to run critical applications offsite during a disaster; use VM spin-up to the cloud for disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Instant recovery for VMware, Hyper-V and Windows with complete recovery of your system in less than 5 minutes.
  • Backups performed as often as once every 60 seconds to achieve world-class Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).
  • Integration between physical and virtual appliances with Unitrends ReliableDR ensures the recovery of applications in your vSphere and Hyper-V backups.
  • Adaptive byte-level deduplication enables better deduplication without expensive dedicated hardware or third-party deduplication software.
  • Unitrends Bridge™ to provide capabilities that transform physical windows systems into virtual and machines, cutting down on Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) for physical and virtual backups.
  • Disaster recovery options include point-in-time data enterprise recovery and speedy restore of failed systems, along with data replication to Unitrends cloud, a public cloud or a secondary site.