Enterprise backup solutions should be simple and affordable.

Yet enterprise backup solutions have long been a pricey proposition. And not only is implementation expensive, but the learning curve to deploy, monitor and manage most enterprise backup solutions is steep, consuming more time and resources than IT departments can afford. Adding insult to injury, many niche enterprise backup software solutions only work if an organization is able to adapt its IT infrastructure to the requirements of the product. Faced with constrained budgets and strategic priorities that require significant resources, IT administrators need enterprise backup solutions that are easy and affordable to deploy and use.

Enter Unitrends. We offer all-in-one enterprise backup solutions with unmatched capabilities for backup, archiving, enterprise recovery and business continuity. More importantly, Unitrends enterprise backup solutions are cost-effective, simple to use and highly adaptable to any IT environment.

Enterprise backup solutions for any mix of data center assets.

Unitrends enterprise backup solutions and disaster recovery products offer comprehensive data protection capabilities. Offerings include virtual appliances and software, physical appliances, cloud storage and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Unitrends provides the industry’s greatest breadth of innovative purpose-built enterprise backup solutions and disaster recovery solutions.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ (UEB) – our flagship backup software – provides an easy-to-use solution with the adaptability to meet the demands of most corporate backup and recovery requirements. Unique among enterprise backup solutions, UEB works with most data center assets, including 100+ operating systems, hypervisors and applications, and almost all NAS, SAN, storage and servers.

The UEB enterprise backup solution provides:

  • A single, intuitive pane-of-glass user interface that simplifies the task of monitoring and managing backup, archiving and disaster recovery.
  • Protection of the virtual infrastructure at both the hypervisor level and within the depths of individual virtual machines.
  • Enterprise cloud backup capabilities plus replication and data archive to Unitrends Cloud or to third-party clouds.
  • Instant recovery with failover virtualization to recover a supported system in less than 5 minutes.
  • Data deduplication that doesn’t require expensive hardware.
  • World-class support with a 98% customer satisfaction rating – plus a single point of contact that helps avoid multi-vendor finger-pointing.

Enterprise backup solutions based on physical appliances.

In addition to our software enterprise backup solutions, Unitrends offers a family of Recovery-Series physical appliances that provide a turnkey solution for backup and recovery. These physical appliances are purpose-built enterprise backup solutions implementing third generation hardware that provides a 300% improvement in backup performance.

Learn more about enterprise backup solutions from Unitrends, including solutions for ESXi backup, Exchange backup, and for failback, failover and DR testing.