Enjoy free ESXi backup with Unitrends.

Need an affordable and easy-to-use solution for VMware ESXi backup? Unitrends Free™ backup software is a free tool for hypervisor-level protection of VMware ESXi as well as vSphere and Hyper-V virtual machines. Unitrends Free provides VM backup for unlimited virtual machines and sockets, protecting up to 1 TB of data. Instant recovery capabilities let you spin up copies of your ESXi environment for recovery verification, testing and deployment. And an easy-to-use interface lets you protect your servers and schedule daily recovery points with a few simple clicks.

Unitrends delivers award-winning business data backup and recovery solutions for any IT environment. Our portfolio of virtual, physical and cloud solutions provide end-to-end protection and instant recovery of virtual and physical assets as well as automated disaster recovery testing built for virtualization. With Unitrends Free, you get a powerful solution for VMware ESXi backup that is designed to simplify ESXi backup and recovery.

Benefits of Unitrends ESXi backup solution.

Fast, responsive and easy to use, Unitrends free ESXi backup tool provides:

  • Instant recovery of ESXi VMs, as well Hyper-V machines and vSphere VMware virtual machines.
  • Automated scheduling of forever incremental backups to reduce the risk of data loss.
  • 1 TB of free data protection with no restrictions on the number of virtual machines or sockets to be covered.
  • Cost savings over other ESXi backup services that require purchase or subscription.

Features of Unitrends free ESXi backup tool include:

  • Protection for unlimited VMs and sockets.
  • 1 TB of production VM data for ESXi backup.
  • Instant VM recovery capabilities. Launch your ESXi VMs directly from backups and spin up VM copies for recovery verification and development testing.
  • An intuitive user interface. Create a backup in seconds with just a few clicks.
  • REST-based APIs for cloud backup to Amazon Simple Storage Service, Google Cloud Storage and Google Nearline.
  • Fast, incremental forever backups and changed-block tracking. Process only changed data after the first VMware backup. This means you back up your VMs every day without requiring vast amounts of backup storage.
  • Automated Daily Scheduling with daily recovery points> Protection 24×7.
  • Support. The Unitrends Community, a free forum that is directly integrated into the user interface, lets users search for answers. Work with the Unitrends community and help each other earn prizes and rewards.

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