Simplify Exchange backup with Unitrends

If you work with Microsoft Exchange Server, you need an Exchange backup solution that is versatile, reliable and easy to use. Your enterprise and users depend heavily on the information and data that flows through your Exchange server and availability is critical. Yet as important as your Exchange server is, you don’t want your Exchange backup solution to be time consuming. Like all backup and disaster recovery solutions, you want to manage it quickly and easily so you can move on to other strategic priorities.

Unitrends can help. As a leading provider of business backup and recovery solutions for any IT environment, Unitrends offers enterprise-class Exchange backup and Exchange recovery solutions. These solutions are easy to use and provide granular control at the physical and deep virtual level as well as virtual protection at the hypervisor level.

Unitrends Exchange backup solution

At Unitrends, we proudly offer a portfolio of virtual, physical and cloud backup solutions that provide adaptive protection for organizations around the world. Our data backup solutions simplify backup and recovery by providing end-to-end protection and instant recovery of all the virtual and physical assets in your data center.

Our Exchange backup solution protects your Microsoft Exchange server natively. You have the option of deep virtual protection when Exchange is operating within the virtual machine, and physical protection when it’s operating on physical server.

The benefits of this innovative Exchange backup solution include:

  • Decreased RPOs. With granular control of incremental backups of Exchange data you can reduce Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). Granular control also helps reduce snapshot overhead in virtual environments.
  • Better deduplication. Our application-aware, adaptive data deduplication technology helps to reduce footprints and backup/replication windows.
  • Recovery options. Our Exchange backup solution permits recovery to dissimilar physical machines or other hypervisors through Unitrends Bridge™.
  • Exchange item recovery. Recover specific emails, mailboxes, calendar items, and more.
  • Broad protection. Unitrends Exchange backup solution provides protection for Exchange clusters and DAGs (Database Availability Groups), shared VHDX configurations in Microsoft Hyper-V environments and physical RDM, iSCSI pass-through, and independent persistent disk configurations in VMware vSphere environments.

Unitrends Exchange backup solution also delivers application consistency and transaction log truncation, provides single or multi-storage group protection and recovery, and does not require UAC (User Account Control) settings to be disabled.

Exchange backup in virtual environments

For Microsoft Exchange Server operating in virtual environments, Unitrends provides protection at the hypervisor level. Features of this solution include:

  • Decreased RPOs through integration with Changed Block Tracking
  • Near-zero RTOs through VMware and Hyper-V Instant Recovery
  • Full/Differential, Full/Incremental or Forever incremental backup schedules
  • Application consistency and transaction log truncation
  • Exchange item recovery (emails, mailboxes, calendar items, and more)

Unitrends Exchange backup solution supports the following versions of Exchange Server:

  • Exchange Server 2013
  • Exchange Server 2010
  • Exchange Server 2007
  • Exchange Server 2003
  • Exchange Server 2000