Guarantee failover and failback with Unitrends ReliableDR™.

Failover and failback tests are an integral part of an enterprise’s IT disaster recovery plan. These tests determine whether an organization can recover to an alternate disaster recovery site and return to a primary site within specific time periods – or Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). But disaster recovery testing for failover and failback can be an expensive and consequently many enterprises to forgo them, ultimately jeopardizing the success of a disaster recovery plan.

Unitrends can help. Unitrends ReliableDR™ provides automated failover, failback and disaster recovery testing for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, to reduce the cost of testing and ensure that service level agreements and compliance requirements can be met by the enterprise.

ReliableDR ™ automates failover and failback testing.

Unitrends ReliableDR helps you take the guesswork out of recovery with 100% automated DR failover, failback and testing. Using this disaster recovery solution, you can save on the time and expense of manual testing and ensure that you meet your business service level agreements and compliance requirements.

ReliableDR features include:

  • Failover and failback tests. ReliableDR automates failover and failback processes when an outage occurs and critical services remain available. Production network mapping enables you to dramatically increase the speed of true application failover and failback.
  • Recovery assurance for virtualized environments. ReliableDR automates failover and failback recovery verification with Unitrends Recovery-Series Appliances, Unitrends Enterprise Backup, and Unitrends Virtual Backup.
  • Automated and continuous DR testing. ReliableDR certifies that your DR strategy is viable, continually testing it against defined objectives.
  • Certified recovery points. ReliableDR automatically stores multiple recovery points that are certified for detailed, automated testing procedures, protecting against accidental changes and configuration drift.
  • Flexible replication options. ReliableDR integrates with all major storage vendors, enabling you to simplify configuration, decrease application RPOs and maximize your investments in IT.

Benefits of failover and failback testing with Unitrends.

When you choose ReliableDR as your failover, failback and disaster recovery testing solution, you:

  • Guarantee recovery with 100% automated DR failover, failback and testing.
  • Orchestrate and automate application-specific testing.
  • Ensure that recovery metrics are measured across multi-tiered applications, rather than just single VMs.
  • Measure and certify that RPOs and RTOs will be achieved per application.
  • Guarantee failover of virtualized applications and business services.

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