Unitrends Hyper-V backup solutions make backup easy

Choosing a Microsoft Hyper-V backup solutions can be hard.

Sophisticated backup solutions can be expensive and difficult to use. Products from niche vendors – an alternative option – might not easy to adapt to your infrastructure for the optimal performance you seek in a Hyper-V backup solution. Neither of these Hyper-V backup solutions provide what you need – a powerful but simple way to backup Hyper-V environments.

Enter Unitrends. Our Hyper-V backup solutions are easy to use, provide unprecedented granular recovery of Hyper-V backups plus reduced backup size, improved deduplication and minimized cost.

Hyper-V backup solutions with granular control

While other Hyper-V backup solutions provide only hypervisor-level protection, Unitrends’ solutions offer deep virtual protection which enables you to protect your Hyper-V infrastructure within individual virtual machines at the native application level and operating system level.

Instead backing up the entire virtual machine, with Unitrends Hyper-V backup solutions you can perform a granular Hyper-V backup at the operating system and application level. That means your data backup produces less data, requires less storage, decreases your RPOs and minimizes backup windows and the impact on system performance.

Features of our Hyper-V backup solutions

At the hypervisor level, Unitrends Hyper-V backup solutions offer the following features:

  • Image-level protection.
  • Granular recovery: virtual disks, files, folders, Exchange, and SharePoint items.
  • Rollback Recovery: incremental data restore over existing VMs.
  • Single-step, Instant Recovery for VMs.
  • WAN-optimized replication of backups to multiple locations for long-term retention or offsite copies.
  • WAN-optimized data replication of VMs offsite for fast failover.
  • Archiving to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Rackspace Cloud Files.
  • Deduplication across all backups.
  • Encryption.
  • Integrated rotational archiving.
  • Detailed storage and compliance reporting.
  • Protection for VMs in CSV cluster configuration.
  • Protection of VMs running on SMB3.0 shares (Hyper-V Server 2012 and higher).

At the deep virtual level, our Hyper-V backup solutions offer:

  • Granular application-level backups with reduced snapshot overhead.
  • Granular file-level backup control.
  • Full system recovery of the Hyper-V host.
  • Support for shared VHDX storage configurations.
  • Unitrends Bridge™: Recovery to physical machines or other hypervisors.

Unitrends also provides recovery assurance for deep virtual and physical windows environments. This is accomplished utilizing auditing technology and through complete automation and orchestration at the operating system level and application level for Hyper-V (using our ReliableDR recovery assurance and disaster recovery software).

Learn more about Unitrends Hyper-V backup solutions, and about our free Hyper-V backup software.