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Your IT disaster recovery plan must enable your organization to recover quickly from a wide range of possible disasters. From fire and flood to power outages and hardware failure to human error, your IT disaster recovery plan should ensure quick response to get your business back up and operational within a specific recovery time else incur the loss of business customers. With a superior IT disaster recovery plan, your IT professionals can shift their focus from recovery/backup planning to more strategic IT priorities that will help to move the organization forward into the future.

Enter Unitrends. As the industry’s fastest-growing multi-environment data protection and disaster recovery supplier, we offer a free online service tool, BC/TR Link™, to enable organizations worldwide create a comprehensive IT disaster recovery plan. IT teams can then focus on other critical IT projects.

Create a custom IT disaster recovery plan with BC/DR Link™.

Unitrend’s BC/DR Link provides step-by-step instructions to create a solid IT disaster recovery plan and incorporate the latest industry standards and best practices. This free tool also includes 1 GB of centralized storage in the Unitrends Cloud where you can keep evacuation plans, emergency contacts and other essential disaster recovery and business continuity documents. When disaster strikes, these materials can be accessed remotely by employees from their mobile devices, assisting them to execute a well-orchestrated IT disaster recovery plan.

With BC/DR Link you can:

  • Build a better IT disaster recovery plan. Guided by instructions based on the latest in BCDR best practices, this free online service lets you create a sound IT disaster recovery plan for any potential disaster or outage.
  • Coordinate your team during a disaster. BC/DR Link lets your people communicate easily and get instructions remotely during a disaster, using their mobile devices to access checklists, instructions, floor plans and other documents.
  • Keep your IT disaster recovery plan updated. With BC/DR Link you get a central repository for disaster plans that can be easily updated as circumstances and best practices change.

Unitrends solutions to enhance your IT disaster recovery plan

As a leading provider of data protection software and hardware solutions for enterprises worldwide, Unitrends provides virtual, physical and cloud disaster recovery solutions that adapt to any IT infrastructure. With end-to-end protection and instant recovery of all virtual and physical assets, Unitrends offers the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership plus solutions that are backed by a customer support team that consistently achieves a 98% satisfaction rating.

Learn more about building an IT disaster recovery plan with Unitrends, and about Unitrends solutions for Exchange recovery, Oracle backup, vSphere data recovery, and more.


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