Protect your database with a powerful Oracle backup solution.

We assume that your Oracle database and the data it contains are critical to your business – and that you need an Oracle backup solution that provides reliable, cost-effective protection. Yet many Oracle backup technologies are expensive and overly complex, forcing your IT team to spend too much time managing backup and recovery and not enough time on other strategic priorities.

Unitrends can help. As a leader in all-in-one data protection solutions for enterprises worldwide, we deliver Oracle backup solutions that allow IT staff to manage backup and recovery quickly and easily. Unlike competing products that require you to alter your data center to meet the needs of your backup storage and recovery solutions, our Oracle backup technology adapts easily to any mix of assets in your data center.

Oracle backup with Unitrends.

At Unitrends, we provide end-to-end protection and instant recovery of all virtual and physical assets as well as automated disaster recovery testing built for virtualized environments. Offering the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership, our solutions are backed by a customer support team that consistently achieves a 98 percent satisfaction rating.

Our Oracle backup solutions offer enterprise-class granular backup and recovery at the deep virtual and physical level for Oracle Database on Linux, Windows and Solaris. We also provide virtual protection at the hypervisor level.

Unitrends Oracle backup solutions provide protection for the following versions:

  • Oracle 11g Windows
  • Oracle 11g Solaris 11
  • Oracle 11g Linux
  • Oracle 12c Windows
  • Oracle 12c Solaris 11
  • Oracle 12c Linux
  • Oracle File Level Backup

Physical, deep virtual and virtual Oracle backup.

Unitrends Oracle backup solutions provide native protection for Oracle databases. This feature allows users to choose physical protection for databases running on a physical server, and deep virtual protection when Oracle is running on a virtual machine. Other features of Unitrends physical and deep virtual Oracle backup solution include:

  • Full, differential, and transaction log backups for Oracle.
  • Support for Oracle RMAN for backup and recovery operations.
  • Application-aware, adaptive deduplication that reduces footprint and backup/replication windows and avoids the need for additional deduplication software.
  • Automatic exclusions of Oracle data during file level backups.
  • Reduced snapshot overhead in virtual environments.
  • Protection for shared VHDX configurations in Microsoft Hyper-V environments.
  • Protection for physical RDM, iSCSI pass-through, and independent persistent disk configurations in VMware vSphere environments.
  • No necessity to disable UAC (User Account Control) settings.

We also offer protection of Oracle databases in virtual environments at the hypervisor level, with technology that enables full/differential backup schedules, application consistency and decreased RPOs through integration with Changed Block Tracking.

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