Ensure business continuity with Unitrends Disaster Recovery as a Service.

When you need to protect your business from disaster and outages, consider the Unitrends Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution. It ensures your business will be “always on” - even when your screens go dark. Offering end-to-end data protection of your on-premise physical or virtual appliance, Unitrends Disaster Recovery as a Service provides a warm standby environment for your business in a secure No Limits Cloud, which enables you to avoid the expense of an alternate infrastructure and staffing for an off-premise data storage location as part of your IT disaster recovery plan. With ReliableDR available as an add-on, Unitrends disaster recovery services deliver the industry’s first recovery assurance as a service. This service provides automated disaster recovery testing and certification of Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Unitrends recovery as a service subscriptions

Unitrends Disaster Recovery as a Service is available through an annual or monthly recurring subscription that includes:

  • An on-premise appliance with archiving sized to meet your needs for recovery/backup and retention.
  • Replication to the Unitrends Cloud to protect the capacity of the on-premise appliance.
  • Managed white-glove Disaster Recovery as a Service. A team of Unitrends data recovery services experts is available to help you recover your IT infrastructure and ensure business continuity when disaster strikes.
  • “Always On” support from a team ready to offer assistance 24x7x365.

Features of our Disaster Recovery as a Service solution.

Unitrends Disaster Recovery as a Service provides comprehensive features for end-to-end data protection that include:

  • Secure replication to the Unitrends cloud, with redundant storage to ensure availability and AES-256 encryption of data in-flight and at-rest.
  • Unique automated DR testing with application-level recovery orchestration.
  • Affordable subscriptions priced for multiple levels of need - including appliance, support, pledge replacement, cloud replication and disaster recovery.
  • Scalability, from 1 TB to 97 TB of protected data.
  • Recovery expertise from our Disaster Recovery as a Service team. This team can enable you to develop a customized DR plan for your environment that meets specified SLA goals.
  • Proof of readiness, using full DR testing and validation to ensure that your disaster recovery strategy will work as expected.
  • An “Always On” DR environment, available with VMs on warm standby 24x7.
  • Business continuity services that let you operate in the cloud DR environment in the event of a primary site failure.
  • White glove Disaster Recovery as a Service to take care of you from the start of a disaster until full recovery.

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