Simplify data protection with Unitrends replication software.

Data replication protects business-critical data from loss due to human error, hardware failure or disaster. Replication software streamlines the replication process by automating tasks and providing clear visibility into replication processes. Most replication software synchronizes backup data from one system (called the source) to another off-site system (called the target). The source system is then used to protect against loss of files, folders and individual machines while the target system protects against loss of client data and the loss of the entire source system.

For data replication software that is secure, easy to use and powerful – offering a full complement of storage replication capabilities – consider replication software offered by Unitrends.

Leading replication software from Unitrends

Unitrends provides award-winning backup and recovery solutions that work in any IT environment. Our portfolio of virtual, physical and cloud solutions are the choice of many leading enterprises around the world. Delivering end-to-end protection and instant recovery of physical and virtual assets, Unitrends products and solutions are supported by a team that has achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rating – an industry-best.

Unitrends replication software is an integral part of Unitrends Recovery-Series physical appliances and the Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) software solution. Unitrends replication software enables total data recovery from a site disaster and hot restore of backups directly from the target system. A detailed replication dashboard gives clear visibility into active replication tasks as well as tasks already completed and tasks in queue for replication. And data security is ensured through encryption plus a secure connection between the source and target systems.

Features of Unitrends replication software

Unlike legacy vaulting, where only the most recent backup is stored, Unitrends replication software enables more than one backup group on the target system. This feature provides more flexibility. And block-level deduplication of data allows only changed blocks to be transferred over the Internet. This feature helps to minimize bandwidth and backup windows.

Other features of Unitrends replication software include:

  • Replicated data stored as regular backups on the target system.
  • Retention of older backups on the target system.
  • Replication system used as a target for both replication and legacy vaulting operations.
  • Private cloud or multi-tenant cloud deployment.
  • Configurable bandwidth throttling between source and target systems.
  • Prioritization of data queued for replication to ensure that more critical systems are replicated first.
  • Configurable policies for replication, such as the ability to select specific clients, applications, and databases to replicate.

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