Simplify your Microsoft SharePoint backup

If your enterprise and users depend on Microsoft SharePoint, you want SharePoint backup solutions that provide high availability and business continuity. And while SharePoint backup is a critical data protection task, it shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming. That’s why Unitrends offers a SharePoint backup solution that is both easy to use and remarkably effective, providing virtual and physical protection for your SharePoint data.

Unitrends’ SharePoint backup solution

With a portfolio of virtual, physical and cloud backup solutions, Unitrends is the fastest-rising cost/value provider in the data protection and disaster recovery industry. Our solutions provide end-to-end protection and instant recovery of the virtual and physical assets in your data center, along with automated disaster recovery testing built for virtualization.

Our Microsoft SharePoint Server Backup solutions takes advantage of our dual focus on virtual and physical protection. This enterprise class data recovery software provides granular SharePoint backup and recovery at the physical level as well as virtual protection at the hypervisor level. With native protection for your SharePoint server, users have the option of physical protection when SharePoint is running on a physical server and deep virtual protection when it’s operating within the virtual machine.

Unitrends SharePoint backup solution provides comprehensive data disaster recovery capabilities including:

  • Full and differential SharePoint backup.
  • Granular control that enables administrators to quickly search for and restore and entire SharePoint site or specific SharePoint content like documents, folders, lists and libraries.
  • Application-aware, adaptive deduplication for reduced footprint and backup/replication windows.
  • Reduced snapshot overhead in virtual environments.
  • Access, search and restore data from RBS.
  • Application consistency and transaction log truncation.
  • Single or multi-server farm protection and recovery.
  • Support for standalone or multi-server SharePoint server farm protection, as well as support for SharePoint 2013 Shredded Storage Restoration.
  • Use with UAC (User Account Control) settings.

Unitrends Virtual SharePoint backup

When Unitrends is protecting SharePoint Server in virtual environments at the hypervisor level, capabilities of this SharePoint backup include:

  • Near-zero RTOs through VMware and Hyper-V Instant Recovery.
  • Decreased RPOs through integration with Changed Block Tracking.
  • Full/Differential, Full/Incremental or Forever incremental backup schedules.
  • Application consistency and transaction log truncation.

Unitrends also provides recovery assurance for deep virtual and physical SharePoint environments employing auditing technology plus complete automation and orchestration at the application level and operating system-level (for VMware and Hyper-V environments with our ReliableDR recovery assurance and disaster recovery product).