Software backup solutions to make your life easier.

As an IT administrator, you have a multitude of complex IT issues to tackle but your software backup solution doesn’t need to be one of them. While data protection is a top priority, it’s hard to move forward on strategic initiatives if you have concerns about IT disruptions. With the right software backup technology, backup and recovery does not have to be time consuming or keep you up at night. Why not have more hours in the day for other priorities in your job and in your life?

Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) is an affordable and adaptable enterprise-class software backup solution that takes the pain out of backup and recovery. Unlike other backup/recovery software solutions that are expensive to deploy and complex to use, Unitrends software backup technology makes managing data protection simple from the start. And unlike niche backup tools that require your data center to adapt to the software, Unitrends software backup solution adapts to virtually any IT environment and scales as your infrastructure grows.

Software backup for any IT environment.

Unitrends software backup solution provides system backup and recovery for any IT infrastructure. UEB protects 100+ operating systems, applications and hypervisors, and works with almost any NAS, SAN, server or storage. UEB enables you to protect your entire IT environment with a single Unitrends solution, eliminating the need for third-party solutions to protect applications like Microsoft Exchange Server or SQL backup software.

This all-in-one software backup solution means you can use a single pane of glass to monitor and manage backup and recovery at multiple locations. The intuitive user interface provides drag-and-drop functionality and makes managing backups quick and simple. UEB provides greater efficiency and eliminates the need for IT resources at other sites.

Relying on a single software backup solution means easier support. With one point of contact for questions and troubleshooting, you get answers fast and avoid the finger-pointing from multiple vendors.

A software backup solution with comprehensive features.

Highlights of Unitrends’ software backup solution include:

  • Unitrends Bridge™, a tool to convert physical systems to virtual systems with a single click.
  • Cloud-empowered protection for flexible backup and storage replication to the cloud.
  • Support for Unitrends Disaster Recovery Services, offering VM spin-up in the cloud for business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Global adaptive byte-level deduplication to minimize backup window times and optimize storage capacity.
  • Granular disaster recovery via local archiving.
  • Automated DR Testing and recovery assurance via ReliableDR.
  • Instant recovery with failover virtualization.