Protect your data with sophisticated VM backup solutions.

Data protection for your virtual machines (VMs) should be simple but too often VM backup solutions add needless complexity to the task of managing backup and recovery. And many VM backup products are expensive to procure and difficult to manage, requiring significant resources from IT budgets that are already constrained. Some VM backup solutions actually require you to make changes to your data center rather than adapt to the mix of technologies you already use.

Unitrends is different. We provide easy-to-use, cost-effective alternatives to traditional VM backup technology. Our solutions are built with the agility, simplicity and flexibility you need to manage VM backup easily and without outrageous cost. Our solutions are designed to protect virtually any mix of data center assets, adapting to your needs rather than forcing you to adapt to ours. Most importantly, our VM backup solutions allow you to recover quickly at any location – locally, at a second site or in the cloud.

VM backup with Unitrends.

Our cloud-empowered software, Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ (UEB), provides VM backup for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V backup as well as Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or CentOS. Capabilities include:

  • Protection for your entire environment with a single solution.
  • Support for more than 220 hypervisor and application versions.
  • Cloud-empowered replication and archive to Unitrends Cloud or to third party clouds.
  • Windows VM or physical-level and hypervisor-level instant recovery with Unitrends Bridge™.
  • Deep virtual protection. Unitrends enables you to protect your virtual infrastructure at both the hypervisor level and at a level deep within individual virtual machines.
  • Unified dissimilar bare metal recovery.
  • Granular file level and application object restore.
  • Global Adaptive Byte-level Deduplication. Optimize your backup storage.
  • Integration with ReliableDR recovery assurance and DR testing software.
  • Award-winning customer support which achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

Benefit of Unitrends’ VM backup solutions

When you use Unitrends Enterprise Backup for VM backup, you can:

  • Store back-ups offsite in the Unitrends Cloud for added protection. Our No Limits Cloud and Forever Cloud offerings provide flexible cloud storage for vSphere backup or Hyper-V replication. Unitrends DRaas (Disaster Recovery as a Service) enables you to spin up virtual machines in the cloud when you need to run critical applications offsite during a disaster.
  • Completely recover your system in less than 5 minutes with instant recovery for VMware, Hyper-V and Windows.
  • Provide Hyper-V and VMware recovery assurance.
  • Transform physical Windows systems into virtual machines (or convert virtual to physical machines) with Unitrends Bridge.

Learn more about Unitrends VM backup solutions and about Unitrends Free™, our free backup software for virtual machines.