Protect up to 1 TB of data with Unitrends free VMware ESXi backup tool.

Looking for an affordable VMware ESXi backup solution? With Unitrends Free™ you get a free ESXi backup tool for protection of up to 1 TB of virtual machine (VM) storage. Providing VMware ESXi backup for an unlimited number of virtual machines and sockets, this VM backup solution lets you run VMs directly from a backup to reduce downtime. Invoked using an easy-to-use interface, it only takes a few clicks to configure your VMware ESXi backup daily recovery points, change-block tracking and incremental forever backups to make certain your backups are completed on a daily basis.

As a leading provider of backup and recovery solutions, Unitrends sets the standard for data protection with end-to-end protection, instant recovery of physical and virtual assets, plus adaptive technology that fits the needs of any environment or data center. With Unitrends Free, you have a powerful and easy-to-use solution for VMware ESXi backup that represents a cost-effective solution – more so than competing VMware backup software solutions.

Features of Unitrends free VMware ESXi backup solution.

Unitrends Free provides an easy-to-use VMware ESXi backup tool including these features:

  • VMware ESXi backup for up to 1TB of production VM data.
  • An unlimited number of VMs or sockets that can be protected.
  • Instant VM Recovery, with capabilities for running a virtual machine directly from a backup to reduce downtime. Unitrends VMware ESXi backup solution also lets you spin up VM copies for recovery verification and development testing.
  • Cloud backup to AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage or Google Nearline for offsite disaster recovery.
  • Changed-block tracking and incremental forever backups. Process only changed data after the first backup, and ensure that your VMware ESXi backup runs faster and uses less storage.
  • Automated Daily Scheduling with daily recovery points to keep you protected 24×7.
  • Free support. With access to the Unitrends Community you can search for answers to questions and work with other users.

Benefits for VMware ESXi backup and VMware recovery.

Unitrends free VMware ESXi backup solution offers:

  • Powerful backup capabilities with no restrictions on the number of VMs or sockets protected – you get 1 TB of free data protection to use any way you want.
  • Instant recovery of VMs.
  • Lower risk of data loss due to automated daily scheduling of forever incremental backups.
  • Real cost-savings over alternative VMware backup solutions.

Unitrends Free also provides protection for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere backup.