Limit downtime with leading VMware recovery solutions.

Your VMware recovery technology could be critical to your bottom line. Downtime in your VMware environment can mean significant losses in productivity, customer relationships, and goodwill with partners. The potential impact – revenues and cash flow decrease while regulatory and compliance penalties increase. Consequently the faster you can achieve VMware recovery, the fewer damages for your business.

Enter Unitrends. We provide comprehensive solutions for VMware recovery that limit downtime to minutes regardless of how much data you need to protect. And rather than wait to provision new hardware when disaster occurs, Unitrends VMware recovery technology lets you spin-up your physical and virtual servers to achieve your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Instant VMware recovery with Unitrends.

Unitrends delivers all-in-one data protection solutions so you can focus on your business rather than on backup and recovery. With the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, our solutions provide end-to-end protection and instant recovery of any mix of physical and virtual assets in your data center.

Our VMware recovery solutions include VMware VSphere Instant Recovery, available on Recovery-Series purpose-built physical backup appliances as well as Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ (UEB) and Unitrends Virtual Backup appliance. After a disaster, Unitrends’ VMware recovery technology lets you spin-up from one virtual machine to an entire site, and seamlessly migrate it back to your original VMware vSphere host or hosts.

In addition to VMware recovery solutions, Unitrends provides solutions that let you backup VMware machines easily and cost effectively. These solutions include Unitrends Free™, a free backup software solution you can use to backup Hyper-V machines as well.

Additional VMware recovery solutions

Unitrends provides additional solutions designed to make VMware recovery easier and reliable. These solutions include:

  • Unitrends DRaaS. Our white-glove disaster recovery as a service enables you to ensure your business is “always on” when disaster strikes. Providing a warm standby environment through our No Limits Cloud, Unitrends DRaaS eliminates the cost of establishing and staffing an off-premise location. And in the event of a disaster, our disaster recovery experts will help you with VMware recovery to ensure business continuity.
  • ReliableDR™. This Unitrends add-on solution takes the guesswork out of VMware recovery by orchestrating and automating application-specific testing and ensuring recovery metrics are measured across multi-tiered applications rather than single VMs. This solution enables you to meet your SLA and compliance requirements easily.

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