Cloud Survey 2017 Result – 4 Hour Recovery Time Objectives are the new norm.

4 Hour recovery is the new norm
4 Hour recovery is the new norm


The 2017 Unitrends Cloud Survey results reveal that companies continue to require aggressive recovery times for their mission critical applications. Sixty four percent (64%) of IT professionals stated that they are required to have a recovery time objective of 4 hours or less.

Yes, you read that right, 4 hours.

Without streamlined, continually tested offsite recovery options, this would be unattainable in the event of a major outage. IT professionals with a 4 hour recovery goal requires them to have a plan and testing to ensure that plan will actually work. Kudos, IT teams, that is quite outstanding!

For a moment, take a look at the other end of the spectrum — 16% of IT professionals answered that they were required to recover mission critical applications in 24+ hours and 10% had no mandated recovery timeframes at all.  More than a quarter of the respondents!  Do the respondents lack a plan or is it that there is no incentive to recover their mission critical applications in a business-saving time frame?   What makes it so their organizations can ignore the need for continuity of business – a lack of resources or understanding of the new role in cloud recovery?

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