DCIG Cloud Solutions Whitepaper 2018

A Practical Starting Point for Cloud Backup and DR

by Jerome Wendt, AWS Certified Solutions Architect



Download this 11-page guide to take a deeper look at both purpose-built and general purpose cloud service providers. Examine how these can save companies both money and time while dramatically improving the odds they can succeed in their cloud backup and DR initiatives.

The shift toward using cloud service providers for an increasing number of production IT functions with backup and DR often at the top of the list of the tasks that companies first want to deploy in the cloud. But as IT staff seeks to ‘check the box’ that they can comply with corporate directives to have a cloud solution in place for backup and DR, they also need to simultaneously check the boxes for simplicity, cost-savings, and it just plain works.

To choose the right cloud service provider for corporate backup and DR requirements companies want to be cost conscious. But they also want to experience success and not put their corporate data or their broader cloud strategy at risk.