Unitrends Virtual Machine Backup converges enterprise vm backup software, ransomware detection, and cloud continuity into a convenient, all-in-one platform. Fill out the form to get a fully-featured, 30-day free trial version that includes:

Hypervisor-Level Virtual Machine Backup and Continuity

Simple and scalable image-level protection using the hypervisor APIs.

  • Fast protection of entire VMs
  • Automatically include new VMs by policy
  • Granular recovery of files, folders, and application objects
  • No agents required

Guest-Level Virtual Machine Backup and Continuity

Sometimes you don’t want to protect the entire VM, or you simply can’t.

  • Granular protection of files and folders
  • Granular protection of individual databases
  • Reduced application impact with no VM snapshots required
  • Recovery to different hypervisors

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