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Boomerang VMware Disaster Recovery


Easily and cost effectively replicate your VMware VMs to low cost Amazon AWS S3 or Microsoft Azure Blob storage, until you need them. Then easily deploy them as VMs in the AWS or Azure compute clouds for permanent migration or for disaster recovery testing and failover.

And, should you need to, with just a few clicks, you can easily return them to your data center as ready-to-run VMs.

Fastest Path to Optimized VM Replication

In as little as 15 minutes, Boomerang installs, auto-discovers, and takes a snapshot of your VMs. It then aligns your VMs for block-level incremental backups, and optimizes their replication frequency and timing, plus throttles bandwidth to balance the degree of protection vs cost of network bandwidth, all with military-grade encryption, in-flight and at rest.

Easy, Inexpensive VM Migration to the Cloud

Boomerang automates VMware replication and conversion to native Amazon Machine Images or Microsoft Azure VMs, removing the risk of human error and saving you a bundle in license fees. If you change your mind, Boomerang can also reverse convert your data.