Unitrends DRaaS

Protect Your Data, Applications and Business

Your company counts on you to keep the business running despite threats from ransomware, hurricanes, floods and the dozens of other disasters that can bring business productivity to a standstill. Backups just protect data and that is no longer good enough. Best-in-class companies protect their business with a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution that is both dependable and affordable.


Unitrends Does the Heavy Lifting

Some users assume the only way to get DRaaS is through a public cloud, with all the associated setup effort, management time, and storage fees. But there is an easier, more economical way. Unitrends purpose-built cloud and white glove services provide the ideal Disaster Recovery–as-a-Service. You don’t have to invest a lot of time, effort or money to get fast recoveries of your critical VMs, physical servers, or cloud workloads and ensure your business has minimal downtime.

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Gain Complete Confidence in your Ability to Recover

We know the quality of our work. Since Unitrends manages the entire DRaaS process we can offer written guarantees for your recovery. Unitrends offers multiple recovery options based on how fast you need your critical applications to be restored. Select recoveries of 1 hour, 24 hours, for critical apps or an unlimited recovery option for everything else. Whatever you choose Unitrends doesn’t just promise you will recover – we guarantee it.

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Built to Easily get your Data in and Out

It is easy to get your data into and out of our cloud. Every Unitrends appliance comes with integration software that manages data replication to the Unitrends Cloud. And when you need it back, Unitrends has multiple rapid data recovery techniques. Unitrends even offers rapid data seeding options where we can overnight or receive TBs of your data on a physical device. And, unlike public clouds it doesn’t cost anything extra to move or recover your data.

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Automated Recovery Testing

You can plan, look at diagrams, listen to consultants, but you still won’t know that all your recovery capabilities will actually work without testing. Why – because recovery can be complicated. Unitrends can regularly test recoveries automatically for you so you can sleep well knowing recovery will work. We will always tell you how we did and our recovery reporting is so accurate and easy to read that it can be shared directly with compliance auditors and your boss.

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Start Recovery with a Single Phone Call

We understand that a downtime event can cause you to lose internet connectivity, and therefore your public cloud resources. With Unitrends your recovery begins with a single phone call. Unitrends award winning, US-based service organization manages your entire recovery, including creating and issuing an SSL VPN that redirects your users to the Unitrends Cloud and their applications already running with the latest data.

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Unitrends White Glove Service

We know you and your team are already running at 100% without the added responsibility of becoming experts in public cloud DRaaS. Unitrends provides White Glove services that take full responsibility for the setup, testing, failover and failback of your applications, with minimal investment of your time and effort. Our US-based service technicians are experts in DRaaS and will become an extension of your team.

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Unitrends DRaaS Options

Unitrends offers multiple DRaaS recovery options. Decide which of your business applications are the most critical. Protect them with the recovery option that best meets your recovery goals.

Standard DRaaS


per server

Delivers full failover for your selected servers at a low cost

Unlimited DRaaS


per 500GB

Delivers spin-up and full failover at a low cost for an unlimited number of servers

Elite DRaaS


per server

24 Hour SLA, full onboarding test for up to 10 Elite VMs, monthly Recovery Assurance testing, max sized VM 8 vCPUs / 16 GB

Premium DRaaS


per server

1 Hour SLA, full onboarding test for all VMs, weekly Recovery Assurance testing, max sized VM 24 vCPUs / 128 GB

We are using the Unitrends Cloud. I believe this is a huge benefit and one of the major reasons for selecting Unitrends. I did not want to fight with multiple vendors ensuring that the backups and storage were healthy. This gives me one “throat to choke” if there are any issues.
Michael Gates

IT Manager

Mercedes Benz of Oklahoma City