Endpoint Backup Software: Back Up Any Endpoint, Anywhere!

Protect your data anytime, anywhere. Whether it's work-from-home users, road warriors or remote servers, Unitrends makes endpoint protection effortless with resilient, automated endpoint backup and recovery.


Effortless Endpoint Backup for Today's Mobile Workforce

Ensure continuity for your data wherever it lives with backup and recovery solutions designed to provide resilience for data across any endpoint. Reliably back up and restore PC, server, on-prem and cloud VM workloads from our unified management portal.

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Simplified Deployment, No Assembly Required

Eliminate the hassle of implementing unfamiliar, complicated devices. Simply install the Unitrends agent and our endpoint backup solutions begin automatic backups to the secure Unitrends Cloud — no hardware required. Get protected quickly, with no infrastructure and minimal configuration.

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Built for Remote Management of Dispersed Endpoints

Streamline management of data protection across wide-ranging networks. Unitrends Endpoint Backup is a reliable, direct-to-cloud solution designed for backup and recovery of endpoints in any location. Access our centralized web-based portal and initiate restores from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Reliable Endpoint Backup, Efficient Recovery

Recover your data when and where you need it. Automated backup schedules ensure a recent copy of your data is always recovery-ready. Restore files, folders and images, or perform bare metal recovery onto original or new hardware. Virtualize instantly and run in the Unitrends cloud to maintain continuity for remote workloads.

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Multilayered Security for Maximum Protection

Have confidence in the protection of your important data. Unitrends cloud datacenters are built to meet and exceed industry security standards. Data is encrypted in-flight and at-rest and stored on immutable blocks. Cloud Deletion Defense enables recovery of accidentally or maliciously deleted backups.

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Automated, Direct-to-Cloud Enterprise Endpoint Backup

Want to see simpler, smarter endpoint protection firsthand? Speak to a Unitrends representative and see how effortless endpoint data backup and recovery can be.

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Featured Endpoint Backup Solutions

Unitrends offers a range of endpoint backup solutions for all workloads. Protect PCs, servers and cloud VMs without any additional hardware or cloud configuration. Recover data instantly and ensure business continuity under any circumstance.

Endpoint Backup

Unitrends Endpoint Backup provides image-based, direct-to-cloud backup for PCs, servers, on-prem and cloud VMs. Simple, straightforward, cost-effective backup for workloads where disaster recovery spin-up isn't required.

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Delete-proof protection

Endpoint Backup With Disaster Recovery

Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery offers image-based, direct-to-cloud backup and disaster recovery for servers, on-prem and cloud VMs that are tough to protect with a traditional appliance. Hourly backups replicate to the secure Unitrends Cloud and instant virtualization provides remote workload continuity.

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Compliant Backup

Cost-Efficient, Simply Priced Endpoint Data Protection

Unitrends Endpoint Backup solutions come with a transparent licensing structure at an affordable, low cost.

Unitrends provides endpoint protection at a price that fits your budget. Options range from straightforward image-based backup and restore to full disaster recovery spin-up in the Unitrends Cloud. Explore your options today!

Learn More About Endpoint Cloud Backup

Data is the fuel your business runs on and that data lives in more places than ever before. Are you confident your backup and recovery strategy is equipped to protect all data no matter where it lives? Check out these resources to learn more about protecting data across a multi-cloud organization.

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Get a Demo of Unitrends Endpoint Backup Today

Protect your data on the edge and in remote locations without any additional hardware. Unitrends Endpoint Backup solutions provide complete, integrated and affordable direct-to-cloud data protection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Endpoint Backup

An endpoint can be any computing device that can be connected to a network. Endpoint devices, such as desktop computers, laptops and even servers, communicate and exchange information back and forth when connected to a computer network.

Endpoint backup collects data from endpoint devices like desktops and laptops and stores them in a secure off-site location. Endpoint data backup ensures there is no data loss caused by accidental or malicious deletions, such as ransomware attacks. It helps prevent data disasters and reduces downtime by enabling quick recovery if the unthinkable happens.

Endpoint backup creates a copy of the data from endpoints and sends those backups to data centers at regular intervals for safekeeping. This helps protect your mission-critical data in the event the original data on your system is accidentally deleted, lost or corrupted.

Most endpoint backup solutions provide a centrally managed platform that allows IT administrators to configure endpoint devices and define the rate of occurrence for backup and recovery, data retention plan and backup target destination. Through the centralized management portal, IT admins can view the backup status and quickly restore data if the need arises.

Endpoints are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks as the global workforce becomes more mobile. These distributed users connect to the company's internal resources from off-premises endpoints, which are outside network security. While work-from-home and BYOD policies offer several benefits regarding staff satisfaction and productivity, they come with their own set of security challenges.

Endpoints are the doorway to a company's network, enabling users to communicate and exchange information. They are also vulnerable entry points, making them a popular target for threat actors looking for security loopholes to gain access to corporate data to steal or hold hostage for ransom or to cause disruption.

Endpoints not only serve as entry and exit points but also allow threat actors to move laterally without being noticed. They are gold mines of high-value assets, including mission-critical corporate data, intellectual property and customer information. Endpoint backup is critical to protect against data loss and downtime due to human error, device theft, cyberattacks, natural disasters and so on.

Endpoint backup solutions protect files and folders residing in endpoint devices, including work-from-home employees' desktops, laptops and even remote servers. They provide greater visibility into your company's data distributed across endpoints.

Endpoint backup solutions may vary depending on their functionality. Some traditional methods include backing up data to disks, tapes and external hard drives. However, these storage mediums can be easily damaged during a natural disaster and get expensive over time.

On the other hand, the cloud offers a more flexible, scalable and cost-effective alternative to traditional endpoint backups. Unitrends Endpoint Backup allows secure, direct-to-cloud backup for endpoint devices from anywhere and enables seamless access and data restoration.

Endpoint backup solutions are commonly available on a subscription basis.

Unitrends Endpoint Backup offers a low-cost subscription to protect PCs, servers and virtual machines that include cloud storage (pooled at the organization level) as a part of each license. The solution provides 1 year of retention by default. Plus, there are no fees to access data and restore files.