Unitrends Backup Software

Effortless Backup and Cloud Disaster Protection

Unitrends Backup Software

Effortless Backup and Cloud Disaster Protection

  • Easy to deploy all-in-one solution Unitrends Backup software, is a prepackaged virtual appliance with fully integrated, backup, replication, deduplication, archive and instant recovery. Run it on VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, or XenServer or deploy it as a virtual machine (VM) within the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services cloud.
  • Automated, customizable dashboard requires 50% less administration Manage 1000s of backups with 2 clicks. Assign role-based access to backup files for controlled, secure self-service recovery.
  • Automated long-term data management for easy, capacity-saving regulatory compliance. Set custom backup and retention needed for compliance with HIPAA, SOX, GDPR and other regulations in one step.
Effortless Backup

Drive efficiency with a single view – UniView

UniView comes standard, and provides users a simple, centralized management hub. Acting as a Unitrends command center, UniView is unique to you – where your data lives and how you need to recover it.

BCDR For Your New Normal

Data is exploding, but not in one place. Our new normal has forced exponential data growth not just in our data centers, but also from remote workforces and in SaaS productivity platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365.

More businesses are leveraging the cloud for BCDR to avoid managing unnecessary infrastructure. As infrastructure gets more complicated with hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, protecting it and keeping it running is more complex, costly and unreliable.

Unitrends UniView Dashboard

Secure and Resilient

  • Unitrends backup software identifies and resolves VSS and other software issues that threaten backup and recovery before they happen.
  • Advanced, AI-based ransomware detection analyzes patterns of data characteristics and alerts admins of early warning signs of ransomware attack.
  • Automatic testing Recovery Assurance automatically tests full application restorations, measures actual recovery time and recovery points, analyzes compliance with SLAs, identifies potential threats to recovery and proactively recommends steps for correcting them.
Secure and Resilient


  • Cloud-empowered continuityIntegrates with Unitrends Forever Cloud for long-term retention. Add Unitrends disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) to spin up and failover to instances in cloud for fast recovery. Pair with 3rd party hyperscale clouds for low cost cloud storage or run in the Microsoft Azure Cloud or Amazon Web Services to protect cloud-native workloads.
  • Advanced instant recovery. The only solution that provides instant recovery for Windows, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Unified Bare Metal Recovery.
  • Cut capacity and bandwidth utilization. Built-in adaptive deduplication combines compression with global and inline deduplication reduces capacity by 20:1 for secure byte-level data transmission and cost-saving storage.

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Unitrends delivers comprehensive protection for physical, virtual and cloud workloads. Through a simple, unified console, you can easily manage backup, recovery and replication for your entire environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise backup refers to all strategies, processes and solutions that an organization uses to keep its data secure and easily retrievable in case of cyberattacks and natural disasters. It is a system for data management and backup storage.

Most businesses use technology to increase productivity and efficiency, and also to increase customer satisfaction, achieve goals and increase revenue. Since data is essential in the modern economy, it's highly valued by businesses and cybercriminals alike. Data loss due to natural disasters, human errors or cybercrimes can be catastrophic.

Enterprise backup allows businesses to keep their IT operations going by ensuring all mission-critical data, regardless of where it lives, is securely backed up and available for quick recovery when data disasters strike. It helps reduce downtime and ensure business continuity in today's competitive business world.

The main purpose of enterprise backup is to keep an organization's critical data safe and recovery ready to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. This isn't always easy since businesses have complex IT environments and data is growing around 33 times faster than IT teams. Moreover, data is also increasingly created and stored in different locations. Manually monitoring and managing backups and disaster recovery processes, under such conditions, can be tedious and cumbersome. Enterprise backup effortlessly backs up voluminous and scattered data with the help of automation and artificial intelligence to boost recovery confidence for businesses and ensures quick data restorations in case of cyberattacks, human errors and natural disasters.

An enterprise backup solution, like Unitrends, lets you effortlessly manage and monitor all your critical data from multiple endpoints, applications and networks, ensuring they are backed up for on-demand recoveries. It offers you a comprehensive view of all your data and lets you automate lengthy and complex manual backup and recovery processes. It helps you detect ransomware and other threats before they do damage. With Unitrends, you can even test your recovery methods to build 100% recovery confidence and instantly recover your data when it faces threats. Unitrends also lets you easily comply with data protection standards and regulations enforced by government and third-party authorities.

Enterprise backup solutions use hardware and software to store and transfer data. Critical business data is usually backed up in a secondary location — either physical or virtual — so it's available for recovery when needed. With remote and hybrid work becoming a new norm, data now resides in multiple locations — on-prem, on devices, in the cloud, in SaaS apps — and managing it can get tedious and cumbersome, especially if done manually. That's why some enterprise backup solutions, like Unitrends, inject automation and artificial intelligence to help companies save time and resources, ensuring all their essential data is backed up and can be easily recovered when ransomware and other cyberthreats come knocking.

See if your enterprise backup solution offers:
  • Comprehensive protection: it protects all your data no matter where it is created or stored.
  • Automation: to make lengthy and complex backup and disaster recovery processes easy to manage.
  • Predictive analytics: to pre-empt attacks and prevent ransomware and other threats.
  • Testing: to ensure your recovery plan works and data is retrievable on demand.
  • Compliance management: to meet standards and regulations that enhance data protection and credibility.
  • Easy scalability: to ensure your backup solution is efficient even when your business grows.

Look for an enterprise backup solution that ensures your business never stops despite all cyberthreats and that helps you achieve your business goals. Your enterprise backup solution should help you increase business efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue.