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Recovery Series Backup Appliance

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A Recovery Series backup appliance converges enterprise backup, ransomware detection, and cloud continuity into a powerful, all-in-one platform.


Ransomware Protection

Ransomware threats are evolving faster than security software and IT admins can keep up. But that doesn’t mean paying hackers a ransom, or that overburdened IT staff have to work even longer hours—instead, let Unitrends artificial intelligence (AI) watch over your data. Built-in to every backup, predictive analytics automatically monitor data characteristics, flag suspicious files, and alert administrators to threats. Now you can catch ransomware in the act, before the damage is done. Plus, for your ultimate peace of mind, Unitrends backup appliances are built on hardened-Linux, not ransomware’s #1 target—Windows.

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All-in-One Enterprise Scalability

Your backup should grow with your business, not cause growing pains. Recovery Series backup appliances easily scale up, out, and to the cloud for long-term retention. Protect data ranging from 2 TB – 2 EB. Manage appliances at multiple locations from a single intuitive user interface.

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Deeply Integrated Cloud Continuity

Uptime and retention requirements are increasing. But most organizations don’t have the budget for a secondary site or the time to manage offsite storage. Let the cloud do the work for you. Unitrends backup appliances work with the cloud for long-term data retention and disaster recovery spin-up.

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Recovery Assurance

Don’t run the risk of unplanned downtime due to a failed recovery plan. Recovery testing is key to maintaining uptime but is often neglected because it is too time consuming. Only Unitrends delivers automated Recovery Assurance testing, fully integrated with Unitrends backup appliances.

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Proactive Monitoring & Support

Avoid hardware failure and keep your backup running. Recovery Series backup appliances include predictive analytics that anticipate hardware problems. Proactive monitoring alerts you before the issue occurs. Our expert Support Team will reach out and resolve the problem before it impacts your backup.

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Shortest Time to Value

Setting up backup doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Do away with the cost and complexity of old world backup that requires you to manually integrate systems. Recovery Series all-in-one backup appliances ship fast and install quickly — just rack, connect, and go. Start backup right away and add immediate value to your organization.

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Sized for Your Business

With 15 models sized in convenient increments from 2 TB to 120 TB, there’s a Recovery Series appliance that fits your needs and budget. As your business grows, it’s simple to scale up, out, or to the cloud.


Starting: $2,749

Short 1U backup appliances, perfect fit for SMBs and ROBOS — 8002-8012 models


Starting: $21,999

Midsized 1U or 2U appliances with flash storage, suited for a range of data footprints — 8016S-8040S models


Starting: $82,499

Large 2U appliances with fast flash storage for enterprise environments — 8060S-8120S models


Right for any appliance.

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Backup Appliance Testimonial
Everything is protected by my favorite piece of hardware, my Unitrends Recovery 813. This thing just keeps ticking along. It has saved me multiple times over the years. The ability to mount an old backup and pull off files as users accidentally delete them has been such a life saver.
Tim Humes

Director of IT

UHL Truck Sales