Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs

Comprehensive Windows PC Backup and Recovery

Safeguard critical data on Windows-based laptops and desktops with a resilient direct-to-cloud backup and recovery solution. Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) for your critical PC workloads for a low total cost of ownership (TCO) with no hardware required.

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Complete Backup and Recovery for Windows PCs

Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs delivers full backup and disaster recovery for Windows endpoints with fully remote direct-to-cloud protection. Automatic screenshot verification ensures you always know a reliable, healthy backup is readily recoverable. Restore data directly from the cloud to the original device or brand-new, dissimilar hardware. Backup, cloud storage, retention and backup verification are all included at a simple, flat rate for a predictable TCO.

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Cloud-Based PC Backup, No Hardware Required

Our solution offers comprehensive BCDR for Windows endpoints without the cost of purchasing, installing and managing a local appliance. Direct-to-cloud backup, ransomware detection, automatic screenshot verification and lightning-fast recoveries are all delivered through an intuitive user interface. Automated backup schedules and backup verification eliminate management overhead and complexity.

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Resilience and Protection from Cyberthreats

Endpoints are the most vulnerable targets for ransomware and cyberthreats. Prevent ransomware from spreading with our industry-leading detection engine. Isolate impacted machines and recover from ransomware in minutes with file-level or full bare metal recovery from a verified, tested backup.

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Streamlined Management, Guaranteed Recovery

Personal devices are uniquely vulnerable to loss, theft and damage. Ensure your most valuable resources can be back up and running in minutes. With automated screenshot verification you will always know that a healthy backup is ready for restore.

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Flat-Fee Subscription, No Hidden Costs

One PC, one license, one year of retention. No gimmicks, add-ons, or hidden fees. Protect up to 1.5 TB of data per Windows PC without breaking the bank. Simple, straightforward pricing includes backups, cloud storage, retention, automatic backup verification and recovery. You never have to worry about egress and ingress fees, cloud storage, or testing fees. Get it all for a low, predictable total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Key Features of Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs

Multi Cloud Continuity

Resilient Backups: Pause-Resume

Protecting remote endpoints can be a major challenge. PCs switch networks, become network-limited, go to sleep and more. Traditional backups struggle to complete under these circumstances. With pause-resume, we ensure you get the best RPO and RTO possible.

Screenshot Verification

Automatic Replication & Redundancy

Automated replication of all backups stored in the Unitrends Cloud accomplishes redundancy for maximum security. Unlimited cloud storage and retention for your PC cloud backups are included at no extra cost.

Screenshot Verification

Daily Screenshots for Verified PC Backup

Daily, automated screenshot verification and file system integrity checks ensure your PC Backups are healthy and recoverable. Further test recovery by restoring Windows PCs in the cloud without an endpoint or appliance. Know you can recover with confidence when the time comes.

Ransomware Detection

Immutable Windows Backup Storage

Backups replicated to the Unitrends Cloud are stored on immutable blocks within a private cloud tenant. This means they are secure from unwarranted access, changes or deletions. All data is encrypted in-flight and at-rest and stored on encrypted disks.

Cloud Deletion Defence

Built-In Ransomware Detection

PCs are vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Ensure backups are protected from ransomware with built-in, native monitoring that utilizes our exclusive behavioral analysis. If ransomware conditions are detected, administrators are alerted and notified to take immediate action.

Rapid Self-Service Recovery

File, Folder & Full System Recovery

Recover how and where you need to with minimal clicks. Launch file and folder restores straight from the browser or perform bare-metal recovery remotely to the same or dissimilar hardware.

Infinite Retention


Don't let your backup solution interrupt the reception of emails, screen sharing or document uploads to the cloud. Configure quality of service rules to ensure the backup process respects PCs running on limited or metered connections.

Discover the Simplicity of PC Backup for Windows

Simple pricing, simple deployment and simple recovery. See how Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs can ensure your ability to restore Windows data with confidence.

Windows PC Backup and Recovery Use Cases

Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs is a powerful, cost-effective, direct-to-cloud backup solution suitable for a variety of situations. Below are some of the most common use cases for the solution:


Executive Devices

“I want it exactly how it was before.” Your executive team can't afford to waste hours restoring a board presentation or setting up and learning a new system. Restore business-critical files in minutes or restore a complete image onto the original device, a new device or dissimilar hardware. Get users back to work instantly.


Remote Offices & Workstations

Protect devices at branch and satellite locations without the need to install and manage a local appliance. Workstations are often shared by users, may be left unattended, or connected to non-secure networks. Restore important files and folders, or the entire PC, in the event of accidental deletion, corruption or malware. Minimize data loss and keep remote workers productive.


Road Warriors

Switching between networks, system shutdowns and sleep states can be a nightmare for many endpoint backup solutions. With our graceful pause-resume capabilities, backups pause when a device's internet connection is interrupted. Once the connection is restored, backups resume and complete. This minimizes failures and ensures successful backups for even the most on-the-go road warriors.

Get Started With Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs

Simple pricing, simple deployment and simple recovery. See how Unitrends cloud backup for PC can ensure your ability recover your Windows data with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Windows PC Backup

PC backup generally includes any solution that allows for the long-term protection and recovery of PC data. This includes files, profiles, application settings, disk configurations and more. Typically, this is accomplished via PC backup software, hardware or virtual appliance. The quality of a PC backup solution is determined by the extent of PC data protection and recovery capabilities.

Windows backup solutions specialize in restoring the files, folders, system state and more of a PC utilizing the Windows operating system. These are the most common type of PC and comprise a large majority of the PC market share at nearly 70%. Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs is purpose-built to provide total protection and simple recovery for these Windows-based systems.

Yes. Native Windows backup software leverages snapshot technology to protect the entire machine or file-sync and share with OneDrive. However, this native tool does not orchestrate backups or provide a user interface for scheduling or managing storage. The transfer of backups to the cloud would also require a semi-automated or scripted process.

With Unitrends backup software for Windows, there is no need to write PowerShell scripts, build a VSS writer or provision storage. It's all included in the service and all accessible via our SaaS Portal.

The native Windows backup solution includes file-level and image-based backup options. However, the solution is limited in its ability to scale. This requires extensive manual orchestration or use of a third-party management tool or backup software for PC.

Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs performs image-level backups. This allows for everything from granular file and folder recovery to a full system restore. Recover Windows data back to the same or dissimilar hardware in minutes.

Windows backups leverage a service known as the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). Many backup solutions also leverage this technology under the hood to perform backups. Managing incremental backups, storing the backups and performing the restores will require additional work from a knowledgeable technician.

Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs deploys an agent to each endpoint you wish to protect. This agent orchestrates the backups, routes the data to the appropriate storage location and tracks changes to facilitate incremental backups. You do not need to manage Windows services or configure storage or network and firewall rules. As long as the PC has access to the internet, it will be protected.

Native Windows backup supports local, attached, networked and OneDrive as storage locations. Storage provisioning, costs and management are entirely the user's responsibility.

Windows backup and restore from Unitrends lets you protect up to 1.5TB of data on each endpoint. Data storage is provisioned dynamically in the Unitrends Cloud and no additional fees are charged to the client. The bottom-line price includes all storage configuration and management fees.

To meet data sovereignty and other regulatory requirements, Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs is available in six global data centers.