Pledge: Hardware Upgrades for Life


Protect your rack against aging hardware with the Recovery Series Pledge program for hardware upgrades.

Save Over 30% on Replacement Hardware

Aging hardware is unavoidable. Plan ahead and lower your CapEx costs with a scheduled hardware replacement program. The innovative Recovery Series Pledge and your Support contract entitles you to a replacement appliance after year 4. This saves you more than 30% on replacement costs.

More Confidence

Scheduled replacement means you don't have to worry about backup hardware life.

More Uptime

Maintaining and updating your backup hardware means more uptime for your business.

Less Management Time

A plan in place for keeping your backup hardware fresh reduces management time. 

You Don't Have to Worry About Aging Hardware

Hardware failures are a fact of life. But many vendors leave you in the cold without a replacement plan or hardware life analytics. Unitrends takes care of both, predictive analytics that identify and prevent hardware failures before they happen, and the innovative Pledge program for free hardware upgrades for life with continued renewal.

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
Regular Replacements

No Planned Updates

No plan for cost effectively maintaining hardware and no predictive failure monitoring.

New Every 4th Year

Free equivalent class Recovery Series appliance after year 4 and built-in predictive failure monitoring.

Budget Friendly

Costly Replacements

High and unpredictable costs when you need to react to or replace aging hardware.

Lower CapEx

Plan ahead to refresh your hardware and save over 30% on replacment costs with Pledge.

Proactive Monitoring

No Monitoring

No monitoring or analysis, unpredictable hardware failures.

Automated Monitoring

Millions of hardware life data points constantly monitored in the background.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“Unitrends Support has always been helpful and easy to work with, and was able to help us with the backup issues. We’re enrolled in a “trade up” program with Unitrends Pledge where so long as we maintain support, we’re eligible for free hardware refreshes every 4 years. This is how we got to our two 823S appliances, which have been rock solid for us!

Carl Jaspersohn
Associate Director of Infrastructure, Boston Architectural College

Frequently Asked Questions

By purchasing a Pledge agreement along with an active support contract, you will be entitled to a replacement appliance after year 4. Your new Recovery Series appliance will be the latest, equivalent-class appliance, shipped directly to you. Pledge can be purchased through a variety of payment plans to suit your budgetary cycle.

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