Predictive Analytics of Hardware Failures


Be alerted of imminent hardware issues before they even happen—and get them fixed.

We Monitor So You Don't Have To

Hardware failures are a fact of life. Components like hard drives and fans, no matter how well designed, wear out. Since organizations rely on their IT infrastructure for all aspects of business, it’s vital to stay a step ahead of hardware failure. Recovery Series appliances include predictive analytics and proactive monitoring at no additional cost.

More Confidence

Automated monitoring and failure alerts give you confidence your backup is running smoothly.

More Uptime

Proactive and painless hardware replacement in the event of an issue means more uptime for your business.

Less Management Time

Built-in, predictive analytics mean less time managing or worrying about your backup hardware.

Your Backup Kept Safe with Intelligent Monitoring

Our proactive monitoring system is designed as a gateway to observe and anticipate hardware malfunctions before they happen. You’ll receive an alert if any hardware issues are detected with your Recovery Series appliances. Plus, our expert Support Team will reach out to you to correct the problem before it impacts your backup.

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
Hardware Monitoring

No Monitoring

No monitoring or analysis, unpredictable hardware failures.

Automated Monitoring

Millions of hardware life data points constantly monitored in the background.

Failure Warnings

No Warning

Hardware fails without warning, resulting in lost backups and downtime.

Preditive Analytics

Automated monitoring and trend analysis predicts and heads off hardware failures.

Hassle-Free Replacement

Late Replacements

Costly and/or time-consuming replacements that may come too late.

Proactive Replacement

We get in touch and quick ship your replacement before failures affect your backup.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“You guys are proactive. I didn’t even know I had a problem. You identified a failing hard drive and got me a replacement almost overnight. In addition, you cleaned up my missed jobs and got my backups running again.”

Jason Stenklyft
Government Contracting Services

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