Local and Cloud Recovery Assurance


Instant recovery for physical & virtual machines, plus automated testing, failover, and ransomware detection.

Automated DR Testing and Ransomware Detection

Don’t run the risk of unplanned downtime due to a failed recovery plan or procedure. Unitrends Recovery Assurance delivers automated recovery testing, site and application failover, ransomware detection, and disaster recovery compliance, both locally and in the Unitrends Cloud.

More Confidence

Detect ransomware before it strikes and gain confidence in your backup and recovery.

Less Management 

Skip the headache of time-consuming manual testing with automated Recovery Assurance.

More Uptime

Take advantage of instant recovery for physical/virtual and site & application failover.

Stop Recovery Failures Before Disaster Strikes

More and more organizations are defining DR success as 24/7 uptime with zero data loss. Recovery testing is key to maintaining this uptime but often neglected because old methods are too time-consuming. Only Unitrends delivers automated Recovery Assurance testing integrated with backup and the Unitrends Cloud.

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
Less Work

Labor Intensive

Manual, time-consuming testing (that never actually happens) and complicated report building.

Automated Testing

Easy, automatic recovery testing across sites & cloud plus built-in DR business compliance reporting. 

More Uptime

No Failover

No failover — you're forced to rebuild a critical application or entire site in the event of disaster.

Automated Failover

Quickly spin up n-tier applications or entire sites in the cloud for business continuity despite a distaster.

Local & Cloud


No easy way to test recovery across primary and remote sites and cloud instances.

Assurance Everywhere

Automated Recovery Assurance encompassing all sites and the cloud.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“With the Unitrends product line-up, I can now sleep at night knowing I have a fully backed up infrastructure and a tested DR solution that will keep our business running in the face of a disaster.””

Michael Gates
IT Manager, Mercedes Benz of Oklahoma City



Gaining Confidence with Recovery Assurance

When that outage or disaster happens and you need to quickly restore your company’s data and IT services, an untested DR plan can pose a serious threat to the company as a whole. And for you, it can mean the difference between being seen as a hero to the C-suite, or updating your résumé in search of another job. Learn how Recovery Assurance with Unitrends backup and disaster recovery solutions gives you confidence in recovering your data.

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