Incredibly Intuitive User Experience


A user interface designed with you in mind, making it easy to manage all your backups and recovery.

Reduce Your Backup Management Time by 50%

The Unitrends user experience is proven to reduce setup and management time, giving you more free time for projects other than backup. Our sleek user interface delivers intelligent automation and reporting, giving you and your supervisors a clear view into backup job status and more confidence in recovery. Be 50% more efficient in managing your backup and recovery with Unitrends than when using a competitor.

Less Management

Spend half as much time on backup, with complete confidence in recovery.

More Flexibility

Manage backup and recovery across sites and cloud from a single pane of glass.

More Free Time

Automated reporting and a clear view into backup job status frees up time.

A Backup & Recovery Interface that Works for You

It’s rare for a backup product to give much consideration to user experience. The old way of backup meant suffering through poorly designed interfaces as you took on the time-consuming task of integrating your own server, operating system, and backup software. But Unitrends knows that today the IT admin’s expertise is constantly in demand. That’s why we did the configuration and tuning work for you with our all-in-one backup appliances that come pre-loaded with powerful data protection and recovery software.

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends

Difficult & Complex

Hard to use, not intuitive, backup and recovery is time-consuming and painful.

50% Faster

Intuitive and easy to use. Built to make backup and recovery efficient & effective.

Detailed Reporting

Limited Reporting

Limited or no reports, lack of dashboards. Users are in the dark about backup and recoverability status.

Automated Dashboards

Real-time dashboards deliver reports and data about backup & recovery status performance, and capacity.

Single Pane of Glass


Doesn't work across physical and virtual or sites. Not connected to the cloud.


Protects your entire environment — physical and virtual; local, remote, and cloud —from one UI.

How Unitrends UI Makes Backup Easier

Recovery Series appliances are powered by Unitrends intuitive backup and recovery software. Our user experience makes backup and recovery easier and faster by:

  • Heterogeneous Support—No need to change tools to backup virtual systems, physical Windows and Linux systems, and legacy systems.
  • Automation—Save time on tasks from daily backup to complex DR testing.
  • Information Dashboards—Analytics across your entire infrastructure, including backups, backup copies, storage utilization, recovery, and risk identification.
  • Dynamic Community Interaction—Built-in community forums tiles enable self-service with direct access to peers and Unitrends Support within the interface.
  • Custom Tile Interface—UI is easily customized to match your specific needs.
  • Rapid Problem Solving—Built-in tools proactively detect and help you address potential resource conflicts and systematic/systemic issues BEFORE they occur.

Unitrends Protection Summary Dashboard

See It For Yourself with a Demo

Unitrends eliminates the old way of complicated setup and deployment, giving you more free time, more confidence in recovery, and “one throat to choke” if you ever need Customer Support. See it for yourself with a demo. Choose either a live demo led by Unitrends technical expert who can answer your questions, or an on-demand demo you can watch at your convenience.

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Are You Spending Too Much Time on Backup?

Usability—much less beauty—was never a priority for backup and recovery software. All that mattered was that large and complex applications, usually diverse independent applications from multiple vendors, worked. As a result, IT staff spent countless hours slogging through poorly designed systems. But it doesn't have to be like this.

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