Recovery 606 Backup Appliance

Unitrends Recovery Series all-in-one appliances combine software, storage, and compute into one box for easy-to-manage backup with built-in cloud integration. The Recovery 606 backup appliance is a 1U short rackmount unit with 6 TBs of storage, well suited for organizations with a smaller data footprint or for a replicated branch of a larger business.

Recovery Series 606S Backup Appliance
Overview 606
Raw Capacity (TB) 6
Suggested Backup (TB) 3.6
Form Factor 1U Short
Processor Cores/Threads 8/8
RAM (GB) 16
Hot Swap Drives
PCI Slots
Storage 606
SSD Flash (in GBs)
OS Disk
Backup Disk (in TBs) 2x6
NDMP (EMC. NetApp)
Archiving Controller 606
USB 3.0
eSATA - 4 Port
SAS Controller (Disk, Tape)
Major Features 606
Adaptive Deduplication™
Heterogeneous - Physical, Virtual, Unified
Cloud Enabled
Replication Target & Cross Replicate
Hot/Cold & Dissimilar Bare Metal
AES-256 Bit Encryption
Instant Recovery (P2V); (V2V); (V2P)
Recovery Assurance for vSphere & Hyper-V
4x1 GB Ethernet Ports
2x10 GB Ethernet
1x8 GB Fibre Channel
Monitoring/Management 606
Single Pane of Glass
Backup Scheduling
Inclusion/Exclusion Backup
Bandwidth Throttling
Comprehensive Reporting
Alert-Based Monitoring
Platform Characteristics 606
Width 16.8 inches/426 mm
Height 1.7 inches/43 mm
Depth 14 inches/356 mm
Unit Weight 14 pounds/6.4 kg
Shipping Weight 18 pounds/8.2 kg
AC Inputs (VAC) 100/240
AC Power Consumption (W) 200
Redundant Power Supplies
Heat Generated While Operating (BTUs) 1023
Non-Operating Vibration 350
Operating Shock (2ms(Gs)) 65
Non-Operating Shock (1ms(Gs)) 350
= Included = Not Available = Optional

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